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Monday, August 09, 2010

Bad time to get hurt

Offensive tackle Tony Hills, who was already facing some long odds to make this team, saw his chances take a big hit Monday when he suffered a sprained ankle.

Hills, a fourth-round pick in 2008, has shown flashes of finally getting it, but not a lot of consistency.

And with some of the free agent signings/other young guys on this roster, he needed to be on the field every day to improve and make a positive impression.

But with Doug Legursky, Ramon Foster and Dorian Brooks pushing for roster spots, Hills may find himself on the outside looking in.

In fact, it may actually come down to Hills or Brooks, the promising rookie guard/center out of James Madison.

Brooks has great feet and excellent athleticism. He looks like a keeper.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the ball, defensive lineman Steve McClendon, who has looked good, suffered a sprained MCL Monday.

That could be a blessing in disguise for the McClendon, who was on the practice squad last season.

With the addition of seventh rounder Doug Worthington, who has looked good in camp, McClendon could be caught in a numbers game. Now, he might end up on injured reserve.


Dave said...

You sure you do not mean Steve Mclendon and not Worthington with the MCL?

Jim said...

what he said ^^^^^

Anonymous said...

What's been the story with Kraig Urbik? Is he showing any signs of life or is he another bust like Hills?

Anonymous said...

Sunny Harris was noticed by Carolina.

adamg said...

McLendon sprained his MCL, not Worthington.

Anonymous said...

Who was the reporter flattened by Burnett yesterday during gunner drills?

Dale Lolley said...

My bad on that. I keep getting those two mixed up. You're right, though, it was McClendon, not Worthington.
I'm not sure who the reporter was.

Just some cub reporter for one of the radio stations - probably an intern who didn't listen to the getback coach.

Patrick said...

The beauty of the NFL - fight for a roster spot, look decent enough, get somewhat hurt and get $200,000 + for the year.

I really went into the wrong line of work.