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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Steelers thoughts

There was an interesting piece on Nick Eason in Steelers Digest that explains why he looked so bad in training camp.

It seems Eason had an emergency appendectomy and developed complications from that which caused him to lose 29 pounds.

According to the story, Eason had to have portions of his bowel removed as well and is lucky to be alive.

He also had to have his intestines pumped through his mouth, which could not have been pleasant.

© I had a long talk with Frank Summers today about the fullback position.

Summers said he doesn't know how much the Steelers intend to use the fullback, but he seems to have fully embraced the position.

© I also spoke with Emmanuel Sanders about possibly being the guy who is being overlooked among the receivers at this point.

We had a long talk about his blocking skills, which have impressed me, as well.

Sanders said he wasn't asked to do a lot of blocking in college, but that it was his main job in high school.


Henry said...


Dale, does this change your opinion on keeping worthington or Harris over Jolly Ol' Nick?

Anonymous said...

You're just finding out about Eason now?

adamg said...

Glad you corrected the record and posted the story about Eason since you made some fairly critical remarks about him really not being an NFL quality player in previous threads.

datruth4life said...


What record does Dale have to correct? He said that Eason hadn't shown that much this camp until the Giants game and that if the young DL showed that they could play, Eason could be bumped off the roster. Eason might have went through a gruesome operation and thank God he is okay, but that doesn't overcome the fact that he is still a fringe football player skillwise. He's not a starter in this league nor does he have any upside right now. I'd rather keep both of the kids, Worthington and Harris, and give the Steelers 3 young DL going fwd. I still hope that S. McClendon can make it back to play this preseason, but if not, then he'll be on the practice squad.

datruth4life said...


What are your thoughts on G/C K. Urbik after the Giants game? I went back and rewatched the game and I saw Urbik mauling a little in the run game and even picking off LB's on the second level. Is there anyway he could land that 9th OL spot? I think it is down to Urbik or J. Scott for that final slot.

M. Pouncey is just a joy to watch. On the TD run by Wright, he picked off two people at the goal line. It's been awhile since I've seen a center with that type of quickness and athleticism that can get to the second level like he can. And to think, he's only 20 years old right now. By the time he's 24, he's going to be a BEAST. Thoughts?

keevin said...

I too enjoy watching Pouncey and his ability to block downfield. I still want to see what he can do against one of those huge NT's

marc said...

out of curiousity, how is flozell adams fitting in with the o-linemen, and the rest of the team for that matter?

datruth4life said...


Apparently Mike Tomlin wants to see the same thing, that is why he is starting him against Denver on Sunday with the hopes that he will go up against NT Jamal Williams and all of his 345 lbs. of, well, stuff. Interesting fight for roster spots this year. I hope the Steelers can get a couple of draft picks for some veterans before the final cut (S. Logan, J. Hartwig, OTA W. Gay).

adamg said...

Dale's comment about Eason: "The second-team defensive line still includes Nick Eason - for now. I don't expect him to make this team. Could be surprised there, but he adds nothing."

Dale's obviously entitled to his opinion. Apparently he made it, though, without knowing the medical problem Eason had around OTA time.
IMHO, pointing that out is/was the right thing to do.

Dale Lolley said...

Sorry guys. I missed the whole Eason thing. He's not exactly at the top of my radar list and my duties at this paper don't allow me to be there every day during OTAs.

Defensive linemen take some time in this defense to learn what their responsibilities are. I don't know that they want to go with all young guys as backups - other than Hoke.