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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Post-Giants thoughts

Here are some initial thoughts from the preseason game against the Giants:

Ike Taylor has to be smarter that he was in getting himself thrown out on the opening possession of a game - even a preseason game.

Walk away Ike.

On the plus side, the Steelers got an extended look at Keenan Lewis with their first-team defense thanks to Taylor's stupidity. Lewis held up well.

Lewis, however, suffered a concussion in the game and did not return.

© I didn't think Nick Eason had a very good, or seemingly motivated, camp, but while I was jotting down a note that he was playing well, he blew up a play in the backfield at the goal line.

© Another note I made to myself: You'll notice Flozell Adams showing up in the run game when you watch that game again.

© Antonio Brown showed enough as a return man to make Stefan Logan expendable. Sorry Stefan.

© I thought all three Pittsburgh quarterbacks played well.

A big reason for that was that the offensive line played much better this week, giving them plenty of time. And the Giants defensive front is much better than Detroit's.

© Isaac Redman has secured his spot on this team. If I'm Jonathan Dwyer, I'm very nervous and motivated heading into next week's game at Denver.


emac2 said...

The line may have played better overall but Starks seemed to be somewhere between clueless and helpless.

Anonymous said...

Still frustrating to watch BR throw unnecessary picks and holding on to the ball and taking a sack instead of throwing it away.

datruth4life said...

Dale, a couple of my thoughts:

- I thought the rookie LBs played well (Worilds, Sylvester, T. Gibson). I saw Worilds dropping a bunch in coverage, Sylvester shooting gaps and looking explosive and T. Gibson looking like he has real potential on teams and rushing the passer.

- Man, does Sanders and A. Brown look good as rookie WRs. I'm keeping 6 because Battle has done nothing to hurt himself.

- Am I seeing things, or does our 2nd string OL look better than our first. The primary reason, I think, is because Foster, Pouncey, and Legursky as the G/C/G tandem is better than Kemo/Hartwig/Essex. Only a matter of time I think before some on that 2nd squad will make their way to the first.

- T. Hills is playing like he wants a job. I also didn't hear J. Scott's name, which is a good thing. Justin Tuck made Flozell look like every one of his 35 years old on the pass rush.

- Will Allen is a BIG difference over Tyrone Carter as a third safety. I don't think Ryan Mundy is a lock for that 4th safety spot.

- Antonio Brown looked like he was a step away from breaking several returns. Anyone else think we'll be able to get a 7th round pick for S. Logan before or at the final cuts?

- I don't know the names of the starting tackles for the Giants but I didn't hear Wood or Deebo's name all night. I doubt that'll happen again anytime soon.

- That 4th RB slot on the team is wide open. It's between Tank, Dwyer and Wright. I have to confess I liked the way the Wright kid ran the ball. If he can play special teams, he can give Tank a run for his money. Dwyer hasn't shown me anything up until this point.

- Dennis Dixon sure isn't acting like the game is too big for him right now. He's a weapon and the Steelers need to figure out a role for him, especially during the first 4 games.

- Jobs will be decided with this 3rd game, the most important of the preseason. This team is deep in a lot of areas so many tough decisions await.

Anonymous said...

Agree that Adams looked old and slow in pass protection. Also agree that Mundy's days are numbered with the emergence of Will Allen. And although I like what I saw in Wright, I think he's destined for the practice squad and Frank the Tank will make the team.

-Pouncey looks like the opening days starter
-Where the hell has Ziggy Hood been? I only heard about him when he got a 15 yard penalty
-Mendenhall looks like a guy with a lot of talent but not a lot of heart
-Sepulveda isn't the answer for kickoffs but he can tackle a hell of a lot better than Reed
-The rookie WR's are going to make an immediate contribution this season
-And finally, Troy P looks like his timing is still off just a little bit but he's going to be just fine.


HACK said...

Logan is still a better return man than Brown....I think I find a spot for both of them.

Anonymous said...

Here's a thought...the failed goal line drive before half-time was trademark Arians.

Hate to be negative, but that was ugly. Fullback? Nah, not in this offense.Would have loved to see Legursky in that situation.

tim said...

how do you feel butler, madison, and mundy have been playing?

Anonymous said...

Worilds surprised me, with his injury and all I thought he wasn't gonna impress. Sylvester was everywhere though. Guy as to make the team. Gibson, AGAIN, another good performace

Will allen was great to. But who will be the 4th safety?

Anonymous said...

I think special teams has seriously been upgraded this year.

adamg said...

Glad I'm not the only one who thought the 2nd OL looked better than the 1st.

Sepulveda was ok on KOs, nothing special. If he can't consistenly put the ball 5+ yds into the endzone, it's just as well for Reed to kick off. The kick cover team was flying out there. Except for the long PR, they didn't up many return yards. Thought Brown was better on PRs, but Logan was better on KRs.

Loved the old two back set where either RB can get the ball. Redman's counter play runs were the direct result of the defense following Mendenhall to the outside and opening up the inside.
Maybe OCs are figuring out that if two RBs in the same backfield are a threat to get the ball, it makes it harder for the defense.

I'm still concerned about the 2nd DL. Hood has been invisible. Same with Woodley - not exactly the way to show you're worth what you want to be paid.

marc said...

i loved the call to go up the middle with moore on the goaline at the end of the first half. reminded me of when the browns used to run eric metcalf up the middle and he would spin his legs for a yard or two. i hoped arians was just goofing around, but i know that's not the case.

adamg said...

On the post-game, Tomlin said Lefty was supposed to spike the ball when he tried to catch the NYG off guard with the QB sneak. Don't know why the next two plays were pass, run instead of run, pass with 15 secs left, though.

Dale Lolley said...

I've liked what I've seen of Butler a lot. I also thought Madison had a good, productive camp. Didn't notice Mundy a lot.

Of course the second-team offensive line looks good working against a second-team defense. That line has some pretty good players on it. I didn't think the first-team offensive line played badly against the Giants. That's a really good defensive front.

datruth4life said...

Dale, I'm thinking I might keep C. Butler over Ryan Mundy for the 4th safety spot. He gives them more versatility because he can play CB, S, and in the nickel. Mundy just hasn't done anything to stand out. In fact, I've been more impressed with J. Thornton and Cromartie-Smith.

This third game is going to be very important for Dwyer & Worthington. Nick Eason just keeps doing enough to hang around. True, he had that penetration on the goal line, but I also saw him get blown off the line of scrimmage more than once in the base D. If Worthington wants that 7th D-line spot, he has to win by knockout. Any tie will go to the veteran Eason.

I might be wrong, but I think Foster, Pouncey and Legursky are all good, young football players. Give me a couple of young tackles in next years draft to play with those three, and I think the Steelers OL going fwd will be just fine.

Anonymous said...

I know it's only preseason and there's no way you can really judge a team by the score, but as I watch the first team defense they haven't come across as dominating to me. I've seen a few flashes but Woodley and Harrison haven't set the tone I thought they would.

What are your thoughts Dale?

Greg Mercer said...

has the coaching staff considered putting Essex at RT and Legursky at RG?

i'm not sure Essex is enough of a mauler to play inside against bigger fronts.

Dale Lolley said...

Essex has looked like their best linemen in the preseason, in my opinion. I don't see how putting Legursky, who's 20 pounds lighter than Essex, is going to help them against bigger fronts, though he does play with good leverage.

If anything, Hartwig could stay at center, Pouncey at guard and Essex at RT. But they really like what they're seeing of Essex at RG.

At this point, I don't see them cutting Mundy, but I wouldn't be shocked. Keenan Lewis can actually play both safety spots as well.

datruth4life said...

If Pouncey is ready to rock and roll at center, then I'd just leave him there and sent J. Hartwig packing. Saving $2M might not seem like a big thing to us, but it is for a football team.

If K. Lewis can also play both safety spots, then I'm keeping C. Butler over Mundy. Butler can play CB, nickel and safety and I think he's going to be able to help the team in the nickel THIS year. I think Mundy will be there if the Steelers need to resign him. Plus, J. Thornton and Cromartie-Smith will probably both be on the practice squad. Looking like K. Colbert had a pretty good draft this past year (including factoring in the picks for B. Leftwich and BMac). Kind of disappointed in Dwyer but he hasn't even put up a fight for that 4th RB spot yet. Even the kid Wright has looked better than Dwyer thus far. Practice squad, here we come.