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Thursday, August 05, 2010

What's going on

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was in Latrobe today, just in case you've been living under a rock, and there was a lot of hoopla surrounding Goodell not emphatically saying that he would not reduct Ben Roethlisberger's suspension below four games.

People have to realize that Goodell's a pretty smart guy and he's never going to paint himself into a corner on any issue.

In fact, Goodell did say when asked to clarify if the suspension could go below four games, "No, I said we'll make a decision on what the suspension is going to be at the end of the month."

That seems pretty clear to me.

That did not, however, stop some people from running off half-cocked to go live with news that Roethlisberger's suspension could be lowered even more than two games.

The league office later made the statement that there is no way the suspension will be less than four games.

For the Steelers, that's actually a good thing.

The way their schedule is set up this season, they play their first four games and then have a bye week.

A four-game suspension would allow Roethlisberger two weeks to prepare to start the team's next game, Oct. 17 at Heinz Field against Cleveland.

That's a perfect scenario for the team, considering Roethlisberger cannot have any contact with it during his suspension.

In regards to that, if I were Roethlisberger, I'd hire a receiver or two who is among the team's final cuts to be my workout partner once the season begins.

Teams often tell players among their final cuts to hang loose and stay in shape in case there is an injury. That would be a perfect opportunity for, say, Tyler Grisham – and I'm just throwing that name out there – to stay in shape, work out with Roethlisberger, and perhaps make some money.


Anonymous said...

Not convinced the suspension will be reduced at all, but if it is, I think it will be to 5 games and not 4.

Anonymous said...

How are you not convinced that it'll be reduced? And where do you get 5?

He's not doing any more than 4. Goodell is very impressed with Big Ben.

Anonymous said...

W&j guy. He's a homer.

Anonymous said...

So what Goodell says he's impressed with Ben?
Pretty much anyone can behave for a few weeks or a couple of months if they absolutely have to. What makes you so sure the suspension will be reduced anyway, besides wishful thinking?

Anonymous said...

Since the Steelers in some way instigated the suspension (which apparently figures in why Big Ben got suspended and, say, Cedric Benson did not), I'm guessing that Goodell will base his decision on what the Steelers have to say about BB. We've heard nothing but positive statements about BB from the organization lately, so IMO it's a good bet his suspension will be reduced to 4 games.

marc said...

goodell said from the beginning that the suspension is 6 games with a possibility to be reduced to 4 if roethlisberger does what is asked of him.

as longs as roethlisberger does what he is told, then it will be reduced to 4 games.

Dale Lolley said...

I'm pretty sure it will be reduced to four games. I think the reason it was set at six was just in case something else came out or he did something else stupid.

I have seen a different Ben Roethlisberger thus far. He's taken things very seriously. He's said and done all of the right things. And he obviously did and said the right things in the NFL-mandated program - and what that was, very few people know.

I think it will be reduced to four games, which was the plan all along - hence the team's bye week falling when it did.

vaflyer said...

I love your idea about hiring the WR cuts to be his targets during his 4 weeks off. That is a really a great idea.