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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Early draft thoughts

I keep seeing nose tackle Phil Taylor of Baylor's name associated with the Steelers in mock drafts.

Given that he was kicked out of school at Penn State for a brawl and other problems, I highly doubt that is going to happen.

© Mike Pouncey is being linked to the Steelers for obvious reasons, but because of those same reasons, I doubt he'll be available to them with the 31st pick.

Maurkice Pouncey's performance for the Steelers last season will cause his twin brother's stock to be a little higher than it may have been if his name was, say, Mike Peterson.

Pouncey is good and deserving of first-round consideration, but he's not as talented as his brother.

© I think the Steelers' top targets will wind up being cornerbacks Jimmy Smith of Colorado or Aaron Williams of Texas, but that could change depending on who runs well at the combine.

Both of those corners have the size the Steelers look for in their corners and are willing tacklers.

© A lot of mocks I've seen have the Steelers taking an offensive tackle. I don't see that happening unless the value is there.

Max Starks will be back in 2011 and I expect the Steelers to re-sign Willie Colon. They also have Flozell Adams under contract as well. I could see them taking a tackle in the middle rounds for depth, but I don't think they felt their line was the problem others seem to think it is.

I think the way Sean Kugler cobbled things together this season showed the Steelers that they have a pretty good offensive line coach who can do a lot of good by coaching the players up.

If anything, I could see a guard/tackle being taken as a fallback if the corners are gone.


Patrick said...

Its a pretty safe bet that Hoke will be signed, so I still don't understand the need for a high pick on a NT. I said last year no way it would happen until Round 4 and I'll say this year no way they take one until Round 3 unless there is some unbelievable value.

Hampton are Hoke may be getting up there, but there isn't enough room on the roster for a 3rd NT. I see more of a PS project. Until Hampton looks like hes a year away from being gone, I don't see NT as a priority.

CB has got to be the pick in Rd 1. and if Taylor doesn't re-sign then it might be a necessary trade up scenario. Short of a good FA signing, I don't see how the Steelers can come away from this draft without at least 2 picks in the secondary.

Anonymous said...

I keep reading about Jimmy Smith shooting up draft boards. It seems like Brandon Harris and Aaron Williams are the only realistic CB possibilities at 31, and they might even require a trade-up.

Dale Lolley said...

Like I said, we'll see how they run.

Anonymous said...

What's going on with Butler? He showed some flashes in the preseason. Was it an issue of a rookie needing another year to pick up the defense or is he a lost cause?

Anonymous said...

I hope they don't draft Maurkice Pouncey's brother even if he is good.
A few years ago baltimore brought in Johnathan Ogden's brother to play OL & there was a lot of contraversy after he was cut.
I'm not saying that Pouncey's brother wouldn't make the team but things happen and it is not worth the risk to team chemistry.

Steelers fan in baltimore

matt said...

What about Rahim Brock the safety out of UCLA?

Anonymous said...

Totally agree Dale, if the Steelers are confident that Starks/Colon can come back healthy then CB and Guard are the big concerns for the team. Kemo and Mcfadden are our biggest liabilities.

Anonymous said...

Dale got the right idea with CB's but listed the wrong ones. They should get Brandon Harris from Miami

marc said...

2 DB's in the top 3 rounds would be fine with me. like dale said previously, they need an upgrade in athleticism there.

Anonymous said...

I've heard brandon harris is really dropping. And that may be good for us! I'm not sold on him as a finished product, but he's not your usual college CB that gets a lot of INTs but sucks in the run game. He's very good in the the run and tackling (could improve there) departments, yet still has the athleticism that we are lacking opposite ike

If he falls to the 2nd half of round 2 we could have a chance at him. Maybe even trade up to be sure

But no way I'm taking him in the 1st

datruth4life said...


Taylor was charged with participating in a brawl at a frat party and the charges were later dropped. If he is the best football player remaining at pick no. 31, I think the Steelers would consider him. He can play NT and some 5-technique on a team who has one impact DL under 30 years old.

I have yet to see any highlights of Smith tackling anyone and am not that impressed with CB Aaron Williams. The Steelers do need to come out of this draft with two CBs, though.

1. NT Phil Taylor, Baylor
2. CB Ras I-Dowling, UVa.
3. LT/RT James Carpenter, Alabama
4. G/RT Clint Boling, Georgia
5. CB Curtis Marsh, Utah
6. DE Lawrence Marsh, FLa. , UCLA
7. S Byron Maxwell, Clemson

Anonymous said...

The Steelers need to get away from the idea that we need "run stopping" cb's. Maybe those were the kind of guys that were best years ago but nowadaya with teams passing so much you need fluid athletes who can shadow recievers. Whether they can tackle rb's is way down on the list and can be worked on later.

Dale Lolley said...

Do a lot of programs throw potential first-round draft picks out of school?
Penn State hasn't in the past. They've stuck by their guys, ones who were accused of worse crimes than Taylor.
But they suddenly decided to draw a line in the sand with Taylor? I've heard he's a bad kid and had other problems as well. He won't be a Steeler.

As I've said before, I would not be opposed to a safety.

TroysHair said...

Dale, do you think they might pull the trigger if a talented DE, such as Cameron Heyward (who is often mocked to the Steelers) fell to them? Keisel has a number of good years left in him, but it is getting harder and harder to find good 3/4 DEs, and this year there is a considerable drop-off in talent at this position after Round 2. Getting some young blood may be even more important if Eason is not retained, considering Keisel and Smith were both injured forextended periods of time last season. In the end, I feel like they will go BPA at any position except QB, TE, and OLB.

Also, do you see any surprise offseason retirements happening, such as James Farrior or Aaron Smith? I hope not, but as the wear-and-tear of a season takes longer and longer to go away, these guys may decide to call it quits.

Anonymous said...

Haha, you took the words out of my mouth, Dale. If "got in a brawl, charges dropped" is all there was, Taylor would still be at Penn State.

Is datruth blinded by his PSU homerism?

datruth4life said...


If you are hearing that he is a "bad" apple, then the Steelers should pass him by. I hadn't heard that part, only that he had gotten into that altercation. They can't go wrong with a CB at no. 1 then.

I think that G/T prospect you are talking about is Ben Ijalana from Villanova. I guess now the no. 1 NT on the Steelers board would probably be Sion Fua from Stanford. I'm glad the Steelers scouts and front office do a better job every year on the draft than us so-called prognosticators. BTW, Any chance DE JJ Watt from Wisconsin fall into the Steelers laps at no. 31? Whenever I saw him play this year, I thought of a younger & bigger Brett Keisel.

Dale Lolley said...

Heyward is a bull - when he plays hard. That's the knock on him. He doesn't always go all out. But he comes from a system that is pretty much identical to what the Steelers run.

I like the Fua kid from Stanford a lot. But they might have to go second round to get him.

I like the Paea kid from Oregon State as well. Good motor. The injury he suffered will push him down.

I think Watt will have a good workout and with all the teams that now run 3-4s, he'll be gone.

Anonymous said...

I won't be surprised with anythng. Sure DBs and Olinemen are on the top of the list, but I am sure the best player available will go. Thats the crazy thing.

Anonymous said...

Adams is said to be pondering retirement. And achilles ruptures are tough injuries to come back from. Few return at 100%, and a third don't come back at all. Tackle is more unsettled now than it was last offseason.

keevin said...

Steelers have 3 glaring needs to fulfill in the draft or Free agency

1. CB - hope they re-sign Taylor but they need a second starter. Maybe sign a vet and draft one to mold in 1st 3 rds. maybe sign Josh Wilson

2. OT - not guard. Foster is a good guard. If they draft a good tackle, he should be able to start at RT opening day. Maybe move Colon to LG, he could be one of the best at LG. Im sick of Kemo's mistakes

3. FS - def. a need

would love to get some feedback on my thoughts thanks

Anonymous said...

I still think Taylor could be a possibility.
Taylor and Baker were amoung 26 penn state players that had been arrested within the past year before their dismissal. Baker had more problems than Taylor, but those two were arrested for fighting which at the time were at the top of the violations listand were removed from the team.
Taylor has had no futher problems at Baylor than I have read.
He would be a nice addition for the Steelers.
But so would several other players in the upcoming draft.

Anonymous said...

All these guys on defense who are over 30 may still have a lot in the tank, but they are still susceptible to injury. I think the Steelers were lucky that they only really lost Aaron Smith this past year, and lucky that they had a young guy who was prepared to step in. They may not be so lucky next year.

I think the points made that they don't have to spend much on the OL are well taken. They need to load up on defensive depth, certainly at CB and S but also LB and DL.

Collin Williams said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Anonymous above. Your an idiot for saying something like that. Obviously your just racist.

Anonymous said...

DB is my biggest concern but S class is "overrated" and are more "names" than players.
1st round has to be BPA at a position of need [OL, DB, DL]
1st round love NT Paea if drops, CB Harris. Like-OT Sherrod, G Pouncey, CB Williams. I think CB Dowling is going to be lights out at combine and become the new favorite to Steelers in post combine Mocks.
2nd round has a lot of potential...really like NT, DE Jenkins from Clemson, CB Dowling if he doesn't run well, DE Ballard, NT Powe, CB J. Brown or CB C. Brown.
3rd-WR Deandre Brown 6'6" 240 ATHLETIC...also some baggage...but ....SUPER ATHLETIC.
4TH would love RB D. Lewis-I see a few lbs. and Ray Rice.

Anonymous said...

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