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Friday, February 04, 2011

Let it snow

The snow started coming down around 11 p.m. here last night and continued on well into this morning.

Gotta love it.

Watching the news here this morning, I saw that there were 600 flights canceled into Dallas today - not good news if you were hoping on making a last-minute flight.

© Maurkice Pouncey did not practice again on Friday and has officially been declared out for the Super Bowl.

© Aaron Smith also won't play in the Super Bowl, but that's no surprise.

© I went to the bar where Ben Roethlisberger was reported to have been Tuesday night with the offensive line. They had a photo on their front sign proclaiming, "Ben parties here."

It didn't seem to drum up much extra business.

© Voting for the Pro Football Hall of Fame will take place Saturday. I continue to hear that Dermontti Dawson has a solid shot of getting in this year, while Jerome Bettis will have to wait at least one more year and more likely two.


Mike. M said...

Are you sure Pouncey won't start?

Did you see them practice the wildcat or any trick plays?

k thx

adamg said...

Pouncey's high ankle sprain sounds about as severe as it can get. I was at the AFCC game and when Pouncey was helped off the field, his foot was turned in a direction it isn't supposed to go. I'd love to see the kid play, but not at the expense of his future.
Much like he did with Ryan Clark, Tomlin will take the decision to play or not out of Pouncey's hands.

Dale Lolley said...

Actually, they worked on a throwback pass to Flozell Adams again. That was the secret play they planned to run against the Ravens.

Anonymous said...

Bettis not making it is a crime...

Anonymous said...

Bettis will get in eventually stop whining.

Dawson is more desereving as he was the best player at his position for a long period of time. Actually I dont think there has been a center in the league on the same level as Dawson since he retired

Anonymous said...

I guess Sanders makes the Hall as the best non-tackler ever in the NFL!

Vaflyer said...


Any reports about what Rodgers did on Tuesday night? What did Donald Driver do? Any chance he went to a strip club? Ohh...that's right, no one has talked about that....I wonder why...?

Andy said...


Any chance Dirt could suit up for 1more game? We could use his athleticism on Sunday.

HACK said...

sad day when 5th all time on the rushing list...still means you have to wait 3 or 4 years to get into the hall.

Greatest big back of all time.

Greg Mercer said...

so is Essex the top backup at all 5 OL positions?

or will they save him for LT and C?

has Flozell played a game this year when he's taken all the snaps?

i really think Legursky will be fine. it's an injury during the game that worries me.

Bill in DC said...

All this talk about how amazing Rodgers is in a tlak of the craptatic defenses he has put those numbers up against.

Regular season dome games are: twice a year against Minnesota, twice a year against the Lions and one outside division per year -- 08 Arizona, 09 Rams and 10 Falcons.

I guess the Steelers defense is comparable to that lot. Ha!

I hope someone from the Steelers has done a cut up of all the ESPN experts picking the Packers including Steve Young calling out our D against good quarterbacks.

Go Steelers!

And Dale: thanks for these updates. Much appreciated by the Steeler Nation.

jmp said...

Do you think the NFL will still whine about rain in Miami after this Super Bowl fiasco?

Anonymous said...

Media cried like colicky babies over artic 50 degree temperatures when Jacksonville hosted the SB some years ago.

Anonymous said...

Bill in DC what do you mean bad defenses. Packers have faced great defenses!!! Falcons defense twice, Jets defense, and the bears defense 3 times. Yeh pretty bad defenses

Bill in DC said...

Dear genius cheese brain:

Falcons D not close to elite (#16 over all and #22 against the pass this year!!!) and I missed the games the Packers played the Bears and the Jets in a DOME!

Put down the brats, cheese and beer and pick up the hooked on phonics.

All the talk about Rodgers being unstoppable in a DOME is related to the fact that he has played Defenses that can't stop a nose bleed when he has played in a DOME.

And look at Rodgers numbers versus the Jets and Bears. In two words: not impressive. Four of his worst games this year.

Plus there is his game against the Redskins...LOL!