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Monday, February 28, 2011

Early combine thoughts

Mike Pouncey isn't identical to his brother in every way. Mike's 40 time was about .05 less than what Maurkice ran last year.

Outside of that, they're pretty darn close.

© None of the Pitt guys have done much to help themselves at the combine.

Not only did Dion Lewis measure in at just 5-7, he also ran a 4.57 40, which is too slow for such a small back.

Lewis can play and 40 times aren't everything, but he's likely to slip into the third day of the draft.

Fullback Henry Hynoski can play as well, but the 5.06 was the slowest time of any RB/FB. Yes, Hynoski isn't going to make his money running with the ball, but he's got to be able to get to the hole.

Wide receiver Jonathan Baldwin and offensive tackle Jason Pinkston also didn't run particularly well.

Baldwin was OK with a 4.50, but he needed to break 4.50 considering how lazy he looked on the field last season. The only way he was going to sneak into the first round was by putting up a 4.45 and killing his personal interviews.

Those are reportedly also not going particularly well.

Pinkston, meanwhile, didn't exactly show off his skills with a 5.47 40 and has looked average in drills.

© Defensive tackle Stephen Paea shattered the combine bench press record with 49, showing that not only can he play, he's ridiculously strong as well.


Anonymous said...

I've read that Paea may not fit a 3-4 scheme. What are your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

How many days to Ben's Wedding.
Dale, did you get a save the date invite?

Anonymous said...

I don't think that was the record. I thought they said it was the most this millenium. I don't remember the player, some guy from some directional school iirc, pumped 51 back in the 90's.

Dale Lolley said...

I think Paea's got the tools that it's possible John Mitchell may be able to work him into being a 3-4 lineman. Ziggy Hood wasn't considered a classic 3-4 type player either.

Adam said...

Any word on kickers at the combine?
Do you think the Steelers will draft Henery or Forbath?
Thanks for the blog, it's great.

datruth4life said...


My man CB Ras-I Dowling ran a 4.40 at the size of 6'1'', 198 lbs. Considering that he is the most physical CB in this draft besides Patrick Peterson, he needs to be a Steeler next year. He could very well be a Steeler at pick no. 31. If not, then they will have to trade up high into the 2nd round to get him. If he hadn't have missed much of this past year with injuries, he would have been a top 20 pick. Love the way this guy hits and make plays on the ball. He could also play some safety as well.

Anonymous said...

yeah, dowling can play safety too, which I like since he can play corner now, and IF we get better corners later or move him to safety

joe said...

damien woody was cut by the jets. made less than flo adams last year. if adams retires, is woody any good to bring in for a year or two ?

Anonymous said...

So..Ben's getting married..who really cares?
His bride most be the dumbest woman on the face of the planet.
What are the odds that it will last only long enough for her to 'cash in'?
Can you imagine taking the prevert to meet her parents? She must be as stupid as Ben.

vaflyer said...

Dowling I am not a fan of at corner, but at safety it may make sense. If you look at our safeties right now, Troy can cover, but is better in space away from the ball making plays. Clark can't cover. Mundy can't cover. We really don't have a safety which can cover. The way the game is going, you must have safeties who can cover, you really don't have a choice. I could see Dowling as a Clark replacement.

Anonymous said...

Dale, is it possible that Pittsburgh picks up Casey Matthews?

Dale Lolley said...

It's waaaay too early for any speculation on who they'll draft or who they like. Got to give taht time.

As for Woody, I wonder about his durability. He's missed a bunch of games in three of the past five years.

Ben said...

40 times really mean nothing. Frankly most of the combine drills don't tell you anything about how good a player is going to be in the Pros. The only thing it tells you much of is who are the kids who worked hard and continued developing and who are the players who've done nothing since football finished.

The 40 time measurements are so iffy anyway. I've seen Buster Skrine timed anywhere from 4.29s to 4.48s with a few 4.3somethings in between. Also see the Taylor Mays debacle last year. A poor (or an excellent) 40 time really shouldn't hurt or boost anyone. For the unknown kids who ran 4.3s yeah I'm sure scouts are going to go away and pick up some game film on them but that'll be the reason they get drafted in the mid rounds. Not because of a fast 40.

On the other side of the coin poor 40s don't really seem to hurt too many players. See Larry Fitzgerald and Joe Haden. Both well over 4.5s. Chuck in the fact that only a handful of NFL players ever run 40 yards in a straight line, and they only do it a couple of snaps a game, and it really is virtually worthless. Unless you're Al Davis.

As for Baldwin, yeah 4.5s isn't super awesome but for a tall receiver it's not bad. When you throw in the fact that he vertical jumped 42" at his height? Can you say Fade Route Monster?