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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A pair of no-brainers

The big stories of the day were the Steelers placing the franchise tag on linebacker LaMarr Woodley - no duh – and defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau signing a one-year deal to remain with the team - double no duh.

Neither move comes as any surprise.

The Steelers' plan all along has been to franchise Woodley. Without a new CBA, the Steelers' hands were tied with Woodley in terms of negotiating a new deal.

Any deal he signed would have to have a base salary of no more than 120 percent of his base salary in 2010 – $550,000.

That meant the Steelers, to get a deal done, would have to give Woodley a ridiculous signing bonus to make up for the base salary.

That wasn't going to happen. So until a new CBA is in place, Woodley keeps the franchise tag.

As for LeBeau, the stories at the Super Bowl that said the Arizona Cardinals were going to make a pitch for his services were ridiculous.

LeBeau's intent has always been to finish his career with the Steelers. And since he still wanted to coach in 2011 after losing the Super Bowl, he was going to be back in Pittsburgh.

LeBeau wasn't going anywhere. Will he be back beyond 2011? That depends on what the Steelers do.

If they win the Super Bowl, LeBeau will walk away.

If they come close but lose, I expect him to return again.

If they fail to make the playoffs, I look for LeBeau to call it a career.


Steve-O said...

How much longer does Butler have on his coaching contract? Hopefully he's got a long term contract that will keep him satisfied. I love LeBeau and would miss him but I don't want to see Butler leave for another opportunity and then have LeBeau retire.

Anonymous said...

the Cardinals with Wisenhunt, aka "The Wise One," have kind of turned into a joke. does he have no contacts with anyone in football except the Steelers? i've never seen an organization vulture more personnel from another. i'm surprised they don't try to sign our draft picks before we do.

anthony said...

Is it official that Woodley got tagged? I don't see it anywhere.

Homegrown Misanthropist said...

Is it a fact the Steelers placed the franchise tag on Woodley? Dale, how do you feel about drafting a CB with the first round pick? I guess Peterson and Amukamara will likely be gone for the 31st pick. But I believe there are three strong candidates in Brandon Harris, Jimmy Smith and Aaron Williams, do you see the team making a first round pick for a corner, I believe there are some good ones on this draft.

Anonymous said...

they tagged Suisham

Dale Lolley said...

Assistants generally do two-year deals. I don't think Butler is up this year, so he likely has a year left.

As for Whisenhunt, these are guys he's worked with, so of course he wants to hire them. That's the way the coaching business goes.

And why wouldn't he want to get guys from a winning organization?

I am in favor of drafting a DB, whether it be a corner or a safety. They need more athletic bodies back there.

Anonymous said...

I'm not one to throw out every former fan favorite as a possible position coaching hire, but I'm curious if Carnell Lake is on the Steelers radar. As opposed to Woodson, Lake does have coaching experience. He was doing a good job with UCLAs DBs before leaving for family issues last year. I don't know if he's resolved his problems, if so I wonder if he'd be inclined to return to coaching and Pittsburgh.