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Monday, March 14, 2011

Big week for pro days

Other than LSU on Monday it was a quiet day for scouts looking at college prospects at their pro days.

But Tuesday, things heat up as pro days are scheduled for Florida, Illinois and Pitt. Locally, California (Pa.) and Robert Morris also have their pro days on Tuesday.

Florida State, Penn State, Michigan State, and Maryland are on tap Wednesday.

Thursday, West Virginia's pro day is nestled among those of Stanford, Missouri, Virginia Tech, Virginia and Michigan.


Steve-O said...

I'm curious... Are there certain members of the scouting team who are sent to the blue chip players and if so does that give you an idea of who the Steelers are going to draft? Or are there any trade secrets that you care to share with us when it comes to the pro days?

Dale Lolley said...

Tomlin usually goes to the high-profile places that have plenty of talent. The last few of years, that has included the schools where they gotten their top pick. Mendenhall was the only one, I believe, he wasn't at.

Outside of that, the scouts work their areas.

Dale Lolley said...

Oh, and this year, Tomlin has been at Wisconsin, LSU and Miami.

Collin Williams said...

I know the Steelers never do thios but I would love to see them move up and get a nice corner.

Anonymous said...

yeah the Steelers never move up in the draft


vaflyer said...

Moving up was something I was all in favor for year before last, the year we took Hood. I felt like we could move up a couple of spots and really get a difference maker.

I personally think if you watch the Steelers in their draft philosophy, you see that they really understand what they want to accomplish in the first round. Guys have fallen to them who I never thought we would get, but wanted. Ben R., Heath Miller, Mendenhall. We have in the past also moved up to get someone we think is special namely in Troy. Other times we have just been patient and gotten the best or 2nd best player at a position when other teams are scrambling to get the last OT or WR.

I think they take a very intellectual approach to the draft. They don't overreact or get desperate, but they can get aggressive to get the guy they want. In order to do that, you much understand not only what you want as an organization, but what the teams around you want.

Dale Lolley said...

They moved up to get Polamalu and Holmes. They won't be able to move up to a spot where they could get either of the top two corners in this draft, though. That would be top 10 to 12 and that's not happening.

I don't know that Jimmy Smith will be on their draft board. Haven't heard anything concrete in terms of that, but I do know that teams have concerns about his character.

Anonymous said...

they should skip Pitt's pro day and go after some winners

Anonymous said...

It seems Smith has multiple arrests. Sounds more like a Bengals Player. I watched the tape of that CB from Miami and he hits like a truck, makes tackles, and covers well, and seems to have good speed. Occasionally he's out of position but he can be taught that in camp. I assume from Tomlin's visit schedule that he is thinking about a CB too. Still I hope we keep Taylor even if we do draft somebody. I don't think McFadden is as bad as he looked in the superbowl and had he been healthy, it might have been a different outcome for us. I would like to see a drafted CB replace Gay and not McFadden/Taylor at least for the first year.

Mrs. Isaac Redman

Brad said...

CB Jimmy Smith has been completely removed from some teams draft board. I have a feeling the Steelers are probably one of those team. Now all said and done, if he is there in 4th round or later I can see the Steelers taking a chance on him.