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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

So much for that theory

The Steelers on Tuesday offered offensive tackle Willie Colon a one-year tender contract at the first-round level.

So much for the theory that the Steelers were going to let Colon go as a free agent because he was too close with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

It also pretty much puts to rest Colon's agent's statement that the offensive tackle has played his last down with the Steelers.

It's highly unlikely any team will go after Colon in free agency when they would have to give the Steelers a first-round pick in return, particularly since he is coming off a ruptured Achilles' tendon.


The Hammer said...

No Dale, this is a paper work action in case Colon is again an RFA under the new collective bargaining agreement. He most likely will be a UFA and in that case all the issues that you pointed out are likely still to be true. This is the Steelers dotting the i's and crossing the t's just in case. Good business.

Steve-O said...

I think this is a great move on the Steelers part. If Flozelle Adams decides to retire the Steelers have an experienced right tackle to replace him. On the other hand, if Adams returns Colon would fill in nicely at right guard. The Steelers can now truly go after the best available player in the draft and not worry about leaving a big hole anywhere. Lets hope a big time DE or CB falls to us at 31.

I never bought into the theory that Colon was somehow to close to Big Ben and somehow contributed to Ben's problems. There's only one person responsible for that and we all know that person to be Ben himself. It looks like he's on the right path now and Colon can go about the business of being an 0-lineman.

Dale Lolley said...

I'm not saying it's not the Steelers protecting themselves Hammer. But, if they just wanted to be rid of Colon, they wouldn't have tendered him. See Santonio Holmes for an example. They got rid of him for less than the market value because they wanted him gone.
That's not the case with Colon - despite what some may think.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the Steelers would love to keep Colon as a RFA (i.e. cheap), but as Hammer said, the new CBA will likely revert back to 4 years of service required to become an UFA, in which case Colon will hit the open market (i.e. expensive).

adamg said...

I dunno, 3 years now worth of 1 year tenders just doesn't show much commitment on the Steelers' part to sign Colon. They sure have managed to get long term deals done with other players they've wanted to keep around like Max Starks.

datruth4life said...


Thoughts on this after combine mock draft for the Steelers:

1. DT/DE Muhammad Wilkerson, Temple
2. CB Ras I-Dowling, UVa.
3. LT/RT James Carpenter, Alabama
4. G/RT Clint Boling, Georgia
5. CB Curtis Marsh, Utah
6. NT Chris Neild, WVa.
7. CB/S Byron Maxwell, Clemson

Homegrown Misanthropist said...

Dale, what are your thoughts on the Steelers interviewing Carnell Lake for the secondary position? Does he have any experience or would it be his first pro coaching job?

Anonymous said...

^ This will be his first "Pro" coaching gig. He was at UCLA 08-09 and left the system because of family. I'm not too excited about it, but Mr T will put him through the grinder.

Dale Lolley said...

Nobody knows what the new CBA will involve. Anyone saying they do right now is full of it.
And anyone who thinks Colon will get a "big" offer as a free agent needs to realize that he's coming off a season in which he didn't play a down after having Achilles' tendon surgery.
We don't know what or if there will be a salary cap. I would assume yes, but nobody knows what the ceiling will be. Teams may not have big money to throw around.
There are a whole lot of variables right now. I've talked to players and front office people about it and there's a whole lot of uncertainty on both sides.

As for Carnell Lake, he played both corner and safety in this system. He knows the defense and is a bright guy. I'd have no problem with that hire.

Anonymous said...

Just because you play in a system doesn't translate to being a good coach Dale. He may know the system, I rather that we got Rod Woodson but he's already gone. It comes down to breaking down the X's and O's and putting the right guy in the right spot and being able to see talent.

marc said...

correct me if i am wrong, but isn't lebeau the one setting up the x's and o's? i see the position coaches, such as secondary coach, more responsible for developing skills and technique.

adamg said...

Rod Woodson was a great talent, but for many years he got by on pure talent alone. If he had worked as hard at technique at Lake, he would have been even a greater player.

Lake is far enough removed from his playing days that he would make a fine coach.

FTR, there are now 3 recent Steeler LeBeau-coached dbs coaching in the NFL - Darren Perry, Deshea Townsend, Woodson and hopefully Lake will be the fourth.

adamg said...

Reportedly the Steelers want Flozell Adams to return next year.

marc said...

any insight or knowledge you have on how involved the rooney's are in these negotiations? i don't see their name being mentioned too often and i am somewhat surprised by that.


Dale Lolley said...

Position coaches teach techniques that fit into the system. You coach players to do things that conform to your system. That's one of the reasons why we've seen players who were good fits in the Steelers' system go elsewhere and not work out.

Of course they want Flozell back. Didn't know that was a secret.

As for Art Rooney and the negotiations, some of the owners just got involved this week.