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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Flagrant hits could draw suspensions

The NFL in 2010 hinted that flagrant hits could be cause for suspension for the violators. Though that never happened, it's looking likely a system will be in place in 2011 to make it so.

This is assuming that we'll have games in 2011 - a safe assumption.

Competition Committee Chair Rich McKay and NFL Executive V.P. of Football Operations Ray Anderson both stressed on a media conference call that they’re recommending that the owners get even tougher with hits on defenseless players.

“In 2011, if there are repeat offenders or flagrant violators, we are going to hold them aggressively accountable, even if it means suspension – some folks believe that suspension is the real messenger in terms of serious enforcement,” Anderson said. “Some of the hits we had this year, particularly if it’s a repeat offender, that person and that club should know that having that person sit out a game — or multiple games in certain circumstances — is very much on the table.”

The fly in the ointment may be getting this past the coaches.

This still has to get approval by the competition committee - which is made up of coaches who may not be so eager to see players suspended, particularly defensive players, who are going to be hit the hardest - no pun intended - by any such rule change.

As we've seen in hockey recently, when push comes to shove, coaches aren't too eager to see players suspended for hits made during the course of a game.


Roger said...

Harrison is already suspended 4 games next year

Anonymous said...

Well Worilds better get ready to play some games cause I can BET harrison will be (unfairly) suspended at some point next season

marc said...

just another reason why the nfl is going to get worse. increasing the amount of subjectivity into the process.

as an exercise, nfl rule makers and disciplinarians should be forced to put on pads and hit a receiver coming over the middle. let's see how many times they hit the guy in the spot they were aiming for. oh, what, the receiver moved at the last second?

people that have never played sports have no business making rules for that sport, imo.

Anonymous said...

Goodell has played sports, probably volleyball or field hockey whatever bitches play

Anonymous said...

Between the lockout and cracking down on players for playing football its like the NFL is doing everything it can to alienate Hardcore fans from caring about the NFL.

I would love it if some other league was formed and televised during the lockout, as long as their rules weren't stupid like Arena Football.