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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Burress comes and goes

Plaxico Burress blew into town Saturday morning and had breakfast/lunch with the Steelers' brass, including coach Mike Tomlin.

Burress left without speaking to reporters after a more than hour-long meal, but looked to be in great shape.

He met with the Giants Friday and San Francisco and the Jets are also rumored to be interested in the receiver.

© Also in camp Saturday was former New England tight end Daniel Graham. The Steelers were kicking Graham's tires as a possible replacement for Matt Spaeth.

© Saw placekicker Shaun Suisham on the practice field kicking field goals by himself today.

Suisham, who signed a free agent contract, isn't able to practice with the team, but, apparently, kicking on his own is OK.

© According to Steelers Digest, the Steelers have signed punter Daniel Sepulveda.

© Crezdon Butler got the first chance as the team's dime corner. Of course, Keenan Lewis is in the lineup in place of Ike Taylor, so that could change.


PSUnGA said...

Well its good to see the kicker practicing even though its not with the team

Josh said...

I guess having #80 back would be nice, but don't see how it's a priority given the strength of the WRs. Having Rod Woodson back (from the late 90s) would be more like it.

Anonymous said...

Sanders left practice today with foot discomfort after having two offseason surgeries? Hines is 35? I wouldn't mind having Burress but I would assume he can get a bigger contract somewhere and presumably he needs the money.

Anonymous said...

Where is the best place for camp updates?

adamg said...

A certain beat reporeter is going to be very disappointed that Sepulveda was re-signed.

datruth4life said...


About time for you to let us know which of the free agent rookies could be keepers and what percentage would you put it at for the Steelers to resign Max Starks?

nothernboi said...

His personality is one thing but his talents are another. His talent is worth taking another shot at him. If this guy STILL hasn't learned from his mistakes, then that's on him. I'm a true blue Giants fan and I'm about winning. Give this man the same type of two-year contract Vick received, throw crazy incentives in it, then throw the money at him when we get another ring! lol

Anonymous said...

Strange camps so far. With FA signings not allowed to practice until Thursday, it is giving some guys a chance to get some reps. I hope someone on the offensive line shows some promise. If J. Scott and R. Foster are the answer, then I don't want to know the question. Is there any chance Gilbert or Williams could steal a starting role at some point?

Anonymous said...

Dixon holding out of camp, his agent says he wants to start somewhere lol.

I remember Dixon dropping back and struggling to read defenses ever time. The kid has done nothing to merit a starting shot.

adamg said...

It's pointless for Dixon to sign the tender since he can't practice until Thursday anyway. There's always a chance something will open up between now and then somewhere else that would give him a better chance to start.