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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Steelers add undrafted rookies

The Steelers added 15 undrafted rookie free agents Tuesday, including talented running back John Clay of Wisconsin.

Those who followed this blog in the weeks leading up to the draft will also recognize some other names on the list as players the team brought in for visits.

Below is the list of players added Tuesday in addition to Clay.

Vaughn Charlton, TE, Temple
Terrence McCrae, WR, Ohio
Armand Robinson, WR, Miami
Adam Mims, WR, Furman
Weslye Saunders, TE, South Carolina
Colin Miller, C, Central Michigan
Trevis Turner, OT, Abilene Christian
Brent Greenwood, S, Iowa
Niles Brinkley, CB, Wisconsin
Eric Clanton, LB, Citadel
Mario Harvey, LB, Marshall
Miguel Chavis, DE, Clemson
Anthony Gray, DT, Southern Miss
Eric Greenwood, WR, Idaho


marc said...

i predict if the steelers do not sign taylor they will bring in another FA cornerback to compete for the starting job.

i just cannot believe they would have gay/mcfadden as their backup plan and a handful of youngsters to fight it out.

datruth4life said...


This is a pretty solid rookie free agent crop, much better than I thought the Steelers were going to come up with. TE Saunders and ILB Harvey might make this team and RB Clay, WR McCrae, CB Brinkley and NT A. Gray could easily be on the practice squad.

Between the draft and this rookie free agent crop, the Steelers front office and scouting department again has shown why it is one of the best in the league. Now comes the REAL free agency. I say resign Ike, Colon, Hoke and get ready for the season. My cuts include Flozell, Randle-El and A. Battle.

adamg said...

I believe it was reported today that Colon was told he would not be re-signed by the Steelers.

Dave said...

Any kicker news? We need one.

Patrick said...

much respect to the Steelers FO and Ike getting a deal done.

Ike is one of my favorite players and I've enjoyed watching him develop as a "project" taken in the 4th into one of the better corners in the league. He can't catch, but oh well.

Really did not think a deal with him was possible.

Henry said...

Praise Baby Jesus!

I really thought some dumb GM would offer Ike Taylor more money than Colbert and Co would be willing to match.

This is great news. Next move, work out a deal for Woodley, and extend LT and Troy.

adamg said...

Steelers wanted Ike; Ike wanted to stay. Match made in heaven.

Anonymous said...

Great news about Ike!

But I still want one of the young CBs to step up, we will need them in a few years

Anyone think we might go for a backup safety? Seems like there are a lot out there, and one might end up here. We desperately need a good backup. Will Allen is a fine ST player, but I don't wanna see him much on defense