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Friday, July 29, 2011

First day notes

The Steelers opened their first practice with Chris Scott at RT, Kyle Jolly at LT and Keith Williams at LG in their first-team offense.

Keenan Lewis was running with the first team defense in place of Ike Taylor.

Veterans who signed free agent deals - or who signed their restricted offer sheets - aren't allowed to practice until Aug. 4.

© Troy Polamalu said he still isn't 100 percent recovered from his Achilles' tendon injury, but he's getting close.

He has a month to go before games begin and Polamalu is shooting for 100 percent by then.

© First-round pick Cameron Heyward missed the first 15 minutes of practice in the afternoon after signing his contract.

Then the practice was shortened by rain. Talk about timing.

© Curtis Brown has also signed, giving the Steelers all seven draft picks under contract.

© Ben Roethlisberger said there are no hard feelings between he and James Harrison.

Harrison said he should not have said what he did about NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Hines Ward said he learned a valuable lesson.

Rashard Mendenhall said very little despite being given an opportunity to do so – though Mike Tomlin did yell over to the running back when he was cornered by reporters, "Sucks to be you Rashard."

© Don't expect any disciplinary action from the NFL for Ward, Harrison or Mendenhall.


Tim said...

"...though Mike Tomlin did yell over to the running back when he was cornered by reporters, 'Sucks to be you Rashard.'"


adamg said...

Dale, do you know why the players wanted the rule about UFA/RFAs not being able to practice for the first week of camp? It seems dumb and pointless to me.

Henry said...

Why wasn't Legursky at 1st team LG?

Anonymous said...

I hate that feeling that there's no way Polamalu plays close to a full season.

Tim said...


I think Legursky is in the same boat as Hills. I really don't know this for sure, but I think he's a restricted free agent, and can't be there until next week.

Anonymous said...

The Steelers need to begin preparing for life after Troy.

Anonymous said...

Or at the very least get a backup that's not a special teamer. I like Mundy and Allen, on STs. We need a real 3rd safety, and the FA market currently has a lot of them

Anonymous said...

hope Keenan Lewis can keep his head together

he is our 2nd best CB by far

Dale Lolley said...

The free agent signings can be here and attend meetings, but can't practice until Aug. 4.
Don't know why the players wanted it that way. Don't even know that it was the players who wanted that.

PSUnGA said...

interesting short off season to say the least

adamg said...

Dale, looks like the delay for RFA/UFAs to report coincides with the start of the NFL calendar. This must be a one year abberation because of the protracted lockout and need for NFLPA to recertify as a union.