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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Back from my last vacation and ready for camp

I'm back from my last week away and am ready to gear things up for training camp.

There was, however, some interesting news while I was away in Virginia.

First, the Steelers re-signed offensive tackle Max Starks to a one-year deal. The next day, they released offensive tackle Jonathan Scott, even though they had room on their roster to keep him around.

The signing of Starks was not surprising. He showed them last year just how valuable he can be when the Steelers played their first few games without him and struggled - with Scott at left tackle.

Starks suffered a knee injury at the end of the season, but is rehabbed and back in shape. His signing allows the team to ease rookie Mike Adams along while learning from a veteran how to play in the NFL.

That will be good for Adams in the long-term.

As for Scott, the Steelers had to keep him around until they were sure Starks would be ready to go.

Once that happened, the Steelers did the honorable thing and released him now, giving him a better chance to hook on with another team.

That's why players respect the team's front office so much.


bruinmann77 said...

they have a spot open whom might that be for a Veteran WR to compete with these rookies or K for that 90th spot. I think the steelers need a WR with the Wallace Situation. But my other question what will be your top 5 camp battles.

Anonymous said...

Will releasing Scott give a the Steelers alot more salary cap wiggle room??

Also Dale, are you getting any kind of vibe about signing Wallace to a long term deal??

Thanks again for all your updates over the years!!

Dale Lolley said...

They have some wiggle room now under the cap to get deals done with the remaining draft picks and get something done with Wallace.
Wallace will play this season. He'd be a fool not to, even if they don't get something done long term.

Anonymous said...

does it not behoove the steelers to get a long term deal done this year with Wallace because they have maximum leverage? Next year, they would have to use the franchise tag on him which would pay him a huge amount of money and they will already be pressing the salary cap and needing to sign Antonio Brown. They need to get this deal done now. Two days and counting...

Anonymous said...

And only 98 thoughts to go.

Some of the national guys are hinting at a deal getting done soon with Wallace. If there's something to that, it would suggest there is ongoing talks and movement. And if that's true, I'd expect Wallace to show up as a sign of good faith and to keep the momentum going. We'll see soon enough I guess.

Shawn said...

With about $5 million in cap room, I'm assuming that will be the deal? Big contract with $5 million per year guaranteed?

Anonymous said...

lol Shawn

Wallace will get more than 5 million per year

Anonymous said...

First round pick signed, guessing that's where the 5 mil will go...