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Monday, July 23, 2012

Steelers get deal done with DeCastro

The Steelers got their final draft pick signed, agreeing to terms with first-round pick David DeCastro on a four-year deal worth just over $7.8 million.

The deal includes a team option for a fifth season.

Getting the deal finished with DeCastro prior to the opening of training camp Wednesday was important for the Steelers, who expect the former Stanford All-America guard to compete for a starting spot this season.

His signing leaves Mike Wallace as the only player not currently under contract. Wallace still has a $2.7 offer on the table as a restricted free agent, but has yet to sign it.

Negotiations are ongoing.


alexrkirby said...

The Steelers have to stick to their guns with Wallace. He hasn't shown enough to be a true "franchise player". The kind of guy who defines your team for the long hall. If he insists on elite money they should just let him play under the tender this year.

Steve-O said...

Mike Wallace may not be at the Calvin Johnson level (who is?) but he is absolutely worthy of elite player money. He commands double coverage which in and of itself changes the complexion of the defense but even double coverage hasn't stopped him from producing some very special stats. I know his numbers tapered off at the end of the year but I attribute that to Ben's injury and a weak offensive line. I also think his talent opened the door for Antonio Brown to take advantage of the one on one match-ups. When it's all said and done he'll get a fair contract, just not an overly extravagant one (by NFL standards)

carync said...

Steelers are going to look back and realize they got a bargain with that 5th year on DeCastro.

alexrkirby said...

Mike Wallace has true elite speed but nothing else about his game is elite. He runs soft routes and has average hands. He isn't a big time threat in the redzone.

I don't want to act like the guy is a bad player, he is talented, but there are holes in his game.

You could argue that Ben being hurt lowered his numbers. But I would also argue that Ben being obsessed with going deep every play inflates his numbers too.

He doesn't deserve top 5 money.

Steve-O said...

There have been a lot of "track" players in the NFL over the years. Blazing speed isn't something Wallace invented, so I wouldn't discount Wallace's other skills. Unlike most track starts, the guy scores touchdowns and his short/intermediate routes have improved as well. I'm not saying the guy is top 5 but I believe he is easily in the top 10.

Given Art Rooney's stated desire last season to run the ball more often, I have to believe that Wallace's opportunities weren't as plentiful as they would be if he had signed with the Patriots this off-season. In that offense I think he would have proven you wrong but then we'll never know.

Wallace is in the Steelers offense and we all know that will never equate to "elite" status when you talk about gaudy statistics. With the exception of the Tommy Maddox experiment the Steelers haven't really gone to an all out air attack and they probably never will, even if Ben tries his schoolyard tactics it just isn't in the gameplan on a consitent basis.

At the end of the day, Wallace is a difference maker that commands the attention of the opposing defense moreso than his teammates. You pay guys like that the big bucks, maybe not Fitzgerald money but you pay him well. In the end I think that's exactly what the Steelers will do.

marc said...

well, it's hard to say #7's injuries took away from wallace's stats when brown obviously flourished during that same time.

but, i think you all are pretty accurate in your assessment that wallace isn't top 5 elite status, but more like top 10 or so. i also think the steelers are willing to pay him as a top 10 WR. the problem appears to be wallace thinks he's top 5.

i do think, however, that browm is the better "all-around" WR at this point.

Anonymous said...

Average hands? He may not fight for the ball which is frustrating, but he had one more drop than Fitzgerald (4 vs 3) on 7 less balls.


Anonymous said...

marc - agree with your post except Wallace is definitely a better overall and all-around receiver than Brown

Brown saw a lot of open fields because so much attention and double teams were given to Wallace.

Brown won't be returning kicks anymore so it doesnt matter that he is so good at that. Wallace > Brown and its not that close

marc said...

i think it is certainly debatable who is better, but i don't think it is as clear-cut as you make it sound.

wallace is faster, better deep threat.

brown is a better route runner, more elusive running the ball.

i would argue brown has better hands, but it's close. i do think wallace has good hands as well.

however, in no way could you compare wallace's hands with fitzgerald. not even close. wallace may have only 1 more drop, but fitzgerald catches balls wallace wouldn't even make an attempt at.

Eric T said...

I love both receivers, but Wallace is clearly better and our #1 receiver. He had more yards, catches, TDs and higher average per catch despite less targets and seeing either bracket coverage or the opponents best corner.

Wallace has produced without the benefit of Brown. Brown has not done the same without Wallace.

He is not in the same class as Calvin Johnson or Larry Fitazgerald, but he has produced at a clip just below those guys in his career. He deserves to be paid in the top 6-10 range for his position and he will be.

marc said...

all valid points. however, i don't see the differences being so definitive.

on a per game basis, wallace has .2 more recepetions, 5 more yards, and 1/2 more yards per catch. all while being targeted, on average, less than 1 time fewer than brown per game.

yes, he scored more TD's. but that happens when he's the WR constantly targeted for deep TD passes.

you do make an excellent point in that wallace probably received better coverage than brown. we'll have to see how brown responds to tougher coverages this season.

"Wallace has produced without the benefit of Brown. Brown has not done the same without Wallace"

i find that statement funny considering brown was only in his second season last year. and wallace benefited from teams still focusing on ward the year prior.

not that it will happen, but it would be very interesting to see what would happen if brown moved outside and they put wallace in the slot. who would outperform then?

kyle said...

Brown makes the circus catches but he makes more drops than Wallace. The only way you can say that is "better hands" is if you're using risk/reward as your criteria.

They're both good. The Steelers can, and probably will, keep both. I do laugh when people talk about how tough it will be to keep Brown, Wallace, and Sanders, as though Sanders has earned a big contract on potential alone. I like Sanders but unless he has a monster year he won't be due near the money that Wallace and Brown can get.

Eric T said...

Couple of follow up thoughts:

1) 5 of Wallace's 8 TD's were inside teh 30, 3 being in the Redzone. They were not just because he was targetted with the deep ball.

2) 2010 Ward was not commanding double-teams or even the #1 corner on the opposing teams. He was still serviceable, but, other than on 3rd down, teams didn't need to fear him.

I do think both receivers are Steelers long term and will get contracts they deserve.

marc said...

why don't you start doing your real job today instead of looking up stats on espn.... :)