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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Steelers complete first practices

Heath Miller left the Steelers practice this afternoon with a sprained left ankle. It's not considered serious.

Alameda Ta'amu also left with a foot injury. It, too, is not considered serious.

Other than that, the Steelers' practices today weren't a whole lot different than the OTAs. There's still a lot of learning to do with the new offense, which features more throws to the running backs on swing passes and screens than I have seen in my 20 years of covering this team.

Fans should be happy with that.

@ Fans will get their first look at the Steelers Friday afternoon when the team's practice is open to the public. I expect the team to be a little more spirited in that workout. The players seem to feed off the energy of the crowd.

@ Troy Polamalu looks a little heavier than usual. He's doing his usual work after practice and such, but he's starting to fight father time and genetics.

I still expect Polamalu to be a difference maker, however.

@ Don't be surprised if the Steelers bring in a veteran wide receiver or two for workouts in an effort to scare Mike Wallace into camp - Plaxico Burress anyone?

The team could also open negotiations with the agent of wide receiver Antonio Brown.


Steve-O said...

I know it's early but I was wondering if there is any buzz amongst you media types about any particular player that might be of particular interest as camp opens? For me I think DeCastro has a near lock on the RG position but I'm really watching the LT position.

Patrick said...

how about Mike Williams as an insurance WR? Is he too banged up?

adamg said...

5 yr/42.5M contract extention for Antonio Brown.

Patrick said...

well Dale since you are the oracle here, what happens now with Wallace?

Anonymous said...

Second that question, what about trading him (Wallace)?