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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Steelers open camp

Mike Wallace was the only no-show for the Steelers as they opened training camp at Saint Vincent College Wednesday.

At this point, Emmanuel Sanders will assume Wallace's starting role and the Steelers will move on.

Traditionally, the team has not negotiated with players who are holding out while under contract, but this situation is a little different.

Wallace has yet to sign his one-year tender offer with the team and is thus not under contract at this time meaning, technically, he's not a holdout.

But he's not a free agent any longer, either, leaving him and the Steelers at an impasse.

His teammates expect Wallace to come into camp no later than the start of next week. We'll see.

At this point, he's really not missing anything. But once the weekend begins, he'll have to play catch up.

@ Six players will open camp on the PUP list, including linebacker James Harrison, who is resting a sore knee.

The other players who will sit out practices early are running back Rashard Mendenhall (knee), nose tackle Casey Hampton (knee), offensive tackle Max Starks (knee), linebacker Jason Worilds (hand) and safety Damon Cromartie-Smith.

Despite being down two outside linebackers - at least for a few days - head coach Mike Tomlin said the team won't sign anyone for depth at the position.

Tomlin said it will be an opportunity for Chris Carter to get more reps.


Jay O'Brien said...

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Anonymous said...

12. Pittsburgh Steelers: The Pittsburgh Steelers will not make the playoffs. Yes, you heard me correctly; the Pittsburgh Steelers will NOT make the playoffs. Sure, the defense ranked first overall in total yards allowed and passing yards allowed last season, but this defense is aging quickly, and fast! Assuming Mike Wallace returns by September, the Steelers offense will slip to a sub-par scoring team, and they will have to rely a lot on their defense. Pittsburgh's franchise did not make much of an attempt to add youth to this defense, choosing to draft two offensive linemen in Mike Adams and David DeCastro. Pittsburgh wasn't even able to escape past Denver in last year's wild card game, proving how their dominance in the NFL is gradually slipping away. Ben Roethlisberger had more turnovers (22) then passing touchdowns (21), and he must be more reliable if he wishes to lead Pittsburgh back into the post season.

You should probably write nicer things about the Steelers Jay O'Brien.

Patrick said...

Jay "heres" what you're saying.

marc said...

if wallace doesn't report by next monday, i'd say they may have a serious problem on their hands.

Anonymous said...

Jay - u r an idiot.

Ravens will be the surprise team that misses the playoffs, not the steelers

Anonymous said...

"Assuming Mike Wallace returns by September, the Steelers offense will slip to a sub-par scoring team"

That doesn't even make sense. The offense would slip if he DOESN'T return. If he does return, the offense gets better. Logic!

joe said...

welcome back from vacation mr lolley, hope you enjoyed it and are ready for another season !

i don't get all the venom across the internet towards wallace. he has no contract and is following the rules in the cba. keeping his mouth shut and i believe eventually will get something worked out.

wallace doesn't have to show without a contract, the steelers are allowed to cut scott(or whomever they want) so i figure i can't really be for scott getting cut, and then bitch about wallace being a no show.

alexrkirby said...

I don't mind Wallace holding out for more money, as long as his demands aren't crazy. If he thinks he deserves top 5 money his ego is in need of a correction.

How could our offense "slip" to a sub par scoring program??? We were 21st WITH HIM. That's already sub par.

It's a team sport. If Wallace isn't there for game one it doesn't mean our offense can't be good. Plenty of teams outscored us last year with less talent than Ben, Brown, Sanders, Miller, etc.

Anonymous said...

"How could our offense "slip" to a sub par scoring program??? We were 21st WITH HIM. That's already sub par."

Agree. A lot of people are forgetting....they weren't exactly an offensive juggernaut WITH Wallace drawing coverage/not producing for 7-8 games.

Mike's a good player. He will be missed if he holds out, but he isn't a "great" wide receiver and if he wants paid like a top 5 guy, weeellll....that's not going to end well for him in Pittsburgh at least.