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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Game day thread

As expected, Troy Polamalu and James Harrison are inactive for the Steelers.

With New England looking like a loser today against the Cardinals - go figure - the Steelers have a chance to run their winning streak in home openers to an NFL-best 10.

New England had won its past 10 home openers.


alexrkirby said...

Looks like Mclendon and Hood are getting run over.

Anonymous said...

What else is new? only a matter of time before Cam Heyward takes over for Keisel or Hood.

Anonymous said...

Cam Heyward sack, nuff said.

Patrick said...

It was a good game for the Steelers, but the refs made it so sloppy and choppy that it was just not enjoyable to watch. Every penalty or challenge felt like a 5 minute delay and some of the calls we don't need to discuss - they were dead wrong and laughable. The same thing was going on in the Eagles/Ravens game.

The defense seemed to get angrier as the game went on and the pressure was there today.

I really like the TOP the offense is having, but the run game is just inconsistent, more due to the line play then the backs, but there were some ugly runs today.