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Friday, September 14, 2012

Who I like, Steelers-Jets

This game could be all about who is not playing as much as it's about who is on the field.

For the Jets, All-Pro corner Darrelle Revis, tight end Dustin Keller and outside linebacker Bryan Thomas are out.

For the Steelers, it appears highly unlikely that Troy Polamalu and James Harrison will play. Both missed practice again Friday and are listed as questionable. But considering they haven't practiced all week, they are likely out as well.

While not having Polamalu and Harrison will obviously affect the Steelers, it says here that the Jets not having Revis and Keller is a much bigger deal.

The Jets defense is built to shut down opposing passing games with their three solid cover corners. And Revis is the best in the business.

Because the Jets don't generate much of a pass rush, they count on those corners covering. That won't happen now.

And Keller is New York quarterback Mark Sanchez's security blanket. Not having him on the field will be a major blow for New York's offense.

The Steelers will miss Polamalu and Harrison for sure, but with the Jets defense at much less than full strength, Pittsburgh should have a big advantage, especially playing at home.

Take the Steelers, 27-17


marc said...

well, we knew these guys weren't gonna last forever and eventually, yes i'm gonna say, they will get old. i'm not saying they are washed up, but you have to admit the injuries are much more frequent.

it's time the young guys step up and lay claim to their own great defense.

Ibygeorge said...

Its time for the offense to step up too. They need to score 30+ to win this one.

Anonymous Brian said...

The defense has to win first down on Sunday. They can't give Sanchez a bunch of second-and-fives and third-and-twos. If they keep him behind the chains I think Steelers win by double digits. If not, a toss-up field goal game.

Would love it if the offense is able to carry the defense for a while to give it a chance to get healthy, get younger players to emerge, etc. The D's been carrying the load for an awful long time.

(Hopefully Harrison & Polamalu are healthy & rested in December, January, & February. Who knows?)

Also would be nice if Timmons became something other than a solid player. He looked like, I dunno, me or someone like that when he was chasing after Peyton on his scramble last week.

Patrick said...

I agree with ibygeorge generally but I disagree with him on this game.

This game has the feeling of one of those ugly low scoring games full of turnovers and mistakes. I'm not necessarily saying good D, more like sloppy O.

I don't have a good feeling about this one, but I'm assuming Balt will be 2-0 by kickoff, making this a needed victory.

I'll go Steelers 16-10.

Anonymous said...

Patrick is an idiot. This will be a high scoring game.

Steelers win 29-20

SHC said...

I like the Steelers too, probably by a lot more. The Jets are just too banged up.

SHC said...

I like the Steelers too, probably by a lot more. The Jets are just too banged up.

emac2 said...

This will be an interesting game and a good chance to look at the new Steelers defense.

Troy and James are basically done and can't be counted on for anything at all. This is a great game to see if the other players and coaches can put something significant on the field in their absence. I think the players are there to field an above average defense but I don't think the same blueprint is going to work.

emac2 said...

Steelers 36-17