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Friday, September 07, 2012

Who I like, Steelers-Broncos

This is an interesting matchup in that Denver will be breaking in 12 new free agent players.

Typically, teams that add that many veteran free agents take some time to gel. Of course, one of those free agents is QB Peyton Manning, so perhaps he will make up for some of those issues.

The Steelers will be without James Harrison and Ryan Clark on defense, which makes them a little vulnerable. But you can bet that Dick LeBeau will come up with something different on his 75th birthday to help make up for who's missing.

The Broncos will be without guard Chris Kuper (arm) and linebacker D.J. Williams (suspension). The absence of Williams is a big one. He's been tough on the Steelers over the years.

I like the Steelers, 24-20.

@ The Steelers finally placed rookie guard David DeCastro on injured reserve on Friday when they signed cornerback DeMarcus Van Dyke.

DeCastro will be eligible to return in eight weeks.

Van Dyke, meanwhile, will be used to help bolster the special teams unit, which was spotty in the preseason.

With that move, the Steelers now have just eight active offensive linemen and 10 defensive backs. That means a move could be coming next week when safety Ryan Clark is ready to play against the Jets.

There's no way the Steelers are comfortable having rookie Kelvin Beachum as one of their active players at this point.


Anonymous said...

so who gets cut iyo dale?

doubt the kid they just signed is that guy. Will it come down to Will Allen and Robert Golden? The one who screws up less stays?

Anonymous said...

Golden or maybe Curtis Brown?

Tim said...

Yeah, Curtis Brown will be cut. For sure. Well, either him or Troy Polamalu.

Patrick said...

how bout cutting the guy they just signed? He would have to be a stud on ST to stick around. And from what I read he can't tackle.

And they certainly aren't cutting Curtis Brown.

Anyway, I got this game at 24-20 Broncos. Manning is 6-1 against the Steelers I think. Whether he hasn't played in a year is irrelevant to me, especially when the Steelers probably won't have James Harrison.

Denver's D is good and Manning is good for at least 2 passing TD's. I don't see the Steelers brand new offense topping 20 on this D. No Harrison and no Clark, in Denver - I just don't see a win.

kyle said...

Peyton is actually 2-2 against the Steelers. I'm not saying that has any bearing on the outcome of Sunday night's game but just for accuracy's sake...

Patrick said...

really? I swore I read earlier today he was 6-1 and the more I thought about it I couldn't remember a win against him besides the classic playoff game.

Only 4 games against the Steelers...doesn't seem right considering how long hes been in the league.

What I'm seeing now is he is 6-1 against Lebeau's defenses, so whichever. I still feel like hes a mismatch to this injured Steelers D. Harrison not playing is huge.

kyle said...

you're counting Bengals games? come on. Manning is a mismatch to a lot of defenses and the Steelers have a lot of question marks on the field. I have no idea how to call this game but still, he's 2-2.

Patrick said...

I'm not counting Bengals games or really arguing with you. I said "I still think hes a mismatch to this Steelers D..."

Manning could be 44 years old and if given time, he'll throw all over a D missing a starting OLB and SS.

This D wasn't stopping Tebow in Denver in a playoff game, a 90% Manning might light them up.

Anonymous said...

Patrick In mid season form already tarding it up here

alexrkirby said...

With Clark and Harrison out it's on the offense to win this game. We need get at least 24pts on the board.

The D just needs to hold Manning in check.

Anonymous Brian said...

I predict I have no idea who will win. Maybe sloppy and low-scoring with a flurry of offense in the fourth quarter. Broncos 23-21. Suisham misses a 62-yarder at the buzzer.

Harrison wasn't going to do anything pass rushing against Clady anyway. Not after sitting out all of the spring and summer. Did nothing when he got Tebowed either.

Woodley and Timmons got the big bucks, it's their jobs to be the Harrison of 2007-2010 now. Maybe one of the young DL too, I hope.

marc said...

agreed with brian, the dominant harrison has probably passed due to his injuries/age.

too many question marks to get a good feel for this game, but i'm thinking the broncos edge it out being at home.

Roxy said...

Nobody sacks Peyton anyway, so losing Harrison isn't a big deal for this game. I think both teams offense sputters a little and turnovers decide the game.

Anonymous said...

the ziggie hood era starts sunday

kyle said...

according to Steelers Depot, the Steelers have sacked Peyton 11 times in the four games they've faced him. that being said, i'm more concerned about what the defense loses from Harrison's ability against the run and setting the edge compared to Carter.

James II said...

Who's going to be the Return man back with Chris Rainey mostly blocking for him but still having chances to return some kick offs?

I doubt it will be Emmanuel Sanders even tho he is listed as the number 2 kick off return man.

Chris said...

So, is there a 0% chance Wallace signs before kickoff?

Anonymous said...

Steelers 13-10. Defensive battle. Too many drops.

Dale Lolley said...

The Steelers are 2-2 against Manning, with 11 sacks. He's thrown for 300 yards against them once - in a loss - and has seven TDs with four interceptions. His passer rating against the Steelers is 85 compared to 95 for his career.
Overall, they've done OK against him.

As for who they will cut, don't overlook Baron Batch. IF Mendenhall is healing up well enough to go, they don't need four running backs on the active roster. Batch would then go to the PS.

But a lot of it is going to come down to special teams play.
And there is no way Curtis Brown gets cut.

Anonymous said...

The offense is going to struggle tonight and all season long. The defense won't have much of a problem with a washed up Manning, but they won't be able to do enough to win. I expect the Steelers to have a rough season due to Ben's arrogance and selfishness. Finishing in the middle of the pack and probably missing out on the playoffs seems about right for this team.