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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Steelers-Browns gameday thread

BREAKING: Willie Colon will not start today with a knee injury. He is still dressed. Doug Legursky starts at left guard for Steelers.

It's a beautiful day here in Cleveland after a snowy morning. The sun is shining, though there is a slight wind.

No surprises on the inactive list for the Steelers, as Roethlisberger, Leftwich, Brown, Cotchery and Gilbert are all down, as is DeMarcus Van Dyke.


Patrick said...

if they keep running Rainey, hes going to fumble in a key moment (or get killed).

They've all fumbled at this point, why is Rainey the exception? Because he didn't lose his?

Patrick said...

nevermind, thanks Rashard for blowing that theory

Homegrown Misanthropist said...

I blame the second interception on Wallace´s inability to make a clean catch. The pass was a little behind but nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

This loss was embarrassing. Did this team even show up today? They should issue an apology to every fan that had to watch this game today. It was a completely uninspired, amateur effort.

adamg said...

Despite 8 turnovers, the defense gave up 1 TD and scored one. I think they showed up.

I was surprised at how conservative Haley's game plan was, though. I figured a qb like Batch would excel in the dink and dunk. Overall, thought the pass pro was pretty good and Beachum didn't look overmatched when he had to come in for Adams. That was a very weak holding call on him, too, that wiped out a first down.

I've been hard on Jason Worilds, but he played a great game and has played well pretty much every time he's gotten a chance this year.

Sometimes there are years where the breaks and injuries just don't go your way and that seems to be what the team is facing this year. The no call fumble, when the crew was calling every other loose ball a turnover, kind of epitomizes the season.

Anonymous said...

Brutal loss in multiple ways, I'm worried Chris Rainey is destroyed.

The fact the Steelers couldn't challenge the no-fumble call because they were out of timeouts is very incriminating if you remember Emmanuel Sander was faking cramps to stop the clock against the Bengals, despite the Steelers still have a timeout. If they still had a timeout at the end of this game, perhaps they get the win.

Patrick said...

if they didn't use all three of their timeouts to kill the clock, assuming the play calls all stayed the same, that fumble would have been within 2 mins and reviewed, or the Steelers could have challenged it with their last timeout.

As soon as Tomlin called the 3rd timeout I thought there goes any challenges. I'm not screaming for Tomlin's head over that timeout though, because there is obviously logic to leaving as much as possible on the clock in that situation.

Rainey is the new Stefan Logan - two small to be anything but a returner in the NFL. Unless your name is Devin Hester, thats a waste of a roster spot to me.

Patrick said...

actually I think that non-fumble was called on forward progress being stopped. So it wasn't being reviewed anyway.

Anonymous said...

They had to take their TOs to give themselves enough time for any kind of decent shot to win. IIRC, every fumble, except that one, was called a turnover and subject to review.

Anonymous Brian said...

Chris Rainey is too little to last long in the NFL. Can't take a hit. I don't mean because of injuries -- although that will happen too -- it's more like he's a fumble/bobble waiting to happen. Not really his fault. Sproles is short but he's kind of stout, Rainey is just tiny.

But he's not soft, like Wallace. Hope # 17 enjoys his big contract from whatever 4-12 dome team he plays for next year.

Obviously an embarrassing, potentially season-killing loss (one of three) and the injuries, again, are ridiculous.

James Harrison's looking a little more like himself.

If Ben comes back next week or the next, can the Steelers get to 10-6? That should get a wild card. 9-7, maybe. I'm assuming they lose at Balt. even with Ben (points scored at Baltimore with Ben starting -- 0 (loss), 13 (near miracle win), 13 (near miracle win), 7 (loss), yikes!). So have to go 4-0 or 3-1 vs. SD, @Dal, Cin, Cle. Dunno...

Right now the Ravens are about to beat the Chargers in OT. Which is a good thing. We're not winning the division, so all those potential 5 & 6 seeds need to go down (too bad Indy won today).

Greg Mercer said...

as long as we beat the Bengals, 9-7 will secure the wildcard.

i would be shocked if the Bengals did not lose at least 2 of their last 5 games

also, something to think about. even if we lose to Balt, if we beat the Chargers and Cowboys, that Bengals game probably becomes a flex game. that's very good for us, IMO.

marc said...

wow, not much you can do about that. defense played well. can't really knock them.

thing is, it's not really all the injuries that cost the game. it's guys like redman, mendenhall, and wallace that cost you 4 turnovers.

speaking of wallace. he's mailed it in, i'm telling you now. he can't wait to get out of pittsburgh and is just praying some dumbass team ponies up the big bucks (raiders!). can we stop throwing fade routes to a WR who is pathetic at fighting for the ball.

additionally, haley got lucky that rainey scored on that run. they lined up and i told my son, "you gotta be kidding me, if they run rainey up the middle someone should smack haley on the back of the head."

Anonymous said...

They scored running Rainey up the middle against the Bengals too, they only run that play when it's obvious the defense is expecting a pass.

Todd Haley (and every other NFL coach/coordinator/whatever) aren't dumb, and are very good at their jobs.

Anonymous said...

No, 1st and goal from the 1 yard line in a running formation and everyone on that defense is thinking run no matter who is lined up at RB no question