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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Tuesday with Tomlin

Mike Tomlin today didn't sound very optimistic about the chances of wide receiver Antonio Brown playing Monday night against the Chiefs.

Tomlin said Brown has an ankle injury and that he will "keep the door open" for the receiver, but I don't expect Brown to play.

Tomlin also said Troy Polamalu and Marcus Gilbert should return to practice at some point this week, but he does not expect them to play against the Chiefs, either.

The same is likely true of Rashard Mendenhall.

With the Ravens coming up in two weeks, the Steelers are going to play things safe.

@ Jonathan Dwyer is expected back this week, though Tomlin wouldn't commit to a starter at running back.

He did say that the guy who is running the ball the best is going to get the ball.

@ Chris Rainey has a rib injury that Tomlin admitted is going to be painful. But the Steelers' head coach said the injury might not keep Rainey from playing this week.

@ Though Tomlin said the Steelers don't necessarily need to activate a wideout if Brown does not play, they would only have three active if that is the case.

That's not going to happen.

Look for David Gilreath, who could serve as an emergency return man, to be activated.


Eric T said...

Who's helmet would Gilreath take if he were activated?

Anonymous said...

lol Who do you think? Antonio Brown.

steelcan said...

I think what he meant was who do the Steelers cut? Maybe Pope?

TarheelFlyer said...

My guess is they cut C. Batch for a week and then bring him back.

Anonymous said...

i hope Polamalu and Mendenhall return for the Ravens game.

What will the Steelers do when Gilbert is healthy? I like Gilbert and think he is our future starting Left Tackle (probably next season) but I think Mike Adams has been better at Right Tackle especially run blocking

I think the Steelers should leave Adams at RT

marc said...

good problems to have when guys are getting healthy. however, it's hard to justify upsetting the chemistry of something that is working.

separately, have the steeler's found the long-term replacement for #43 in will allen?

Anonymous said...

No, Will Allen is already 30 years old

marc said...

for some reason i was thinking he was younger than that?

Eric T said...

Did you get him confused with Cortez Allen?

kyle said...

"have the steeler's found the long-term replacement for #43 in will allen? "

Even if he were younger, the answer would be no. There is no player currently in the league who can "replace" Polamalu.

What Will Allen has shown is that a decent safety in a slightly modified defense works just fine and can be part of a defense that has shut down two prolific offenses in a row.

That might be the more important development.

Josh said...

I'm as thrilled as anyone that Will Allen is playing well. However, finding a quality safety should have been a front office priority in the last 1-2 drafts. (And I seldom question the F.O.). Unlike LB, it isn't that they brought guys in who aren't making it yet, they barely brought guys in.

kelly said...

Dale, what does the team think of Robert Golden?

Anonymous said...

Dale, what is the status of some of the injured players so far?? How about DeCastro, is he planning a return anytime soon? How will his return affect the roster??

Dale Lolley said...

The Steelers like Robert Golden. He was a priority pickup for them as a rookie free agent.

DeCastro is slowly working his way back. His activation will likely cost Beachum his spot on the active roster since they will have both Gilbert and Adams available at that point.

What safety would you have had them choose in the first two rounds of the past two drafts?
Remember, they got Gilbert and Adams in the second round of the pats two drafts. That's their projected starting tackles down the road.