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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wednesday news, notes

Mike Tomlin shook up his depth chart on Tuesday, and then proceeded to shake things up Wednesday on his offensive line.

With Mike Adams, Willie Colon and Max Starks all sitting out Wednesday, the Steelers moved Maurkice Pouncey to left guard, Ramon Foster to right tackle and Kelvin Beachum to left tackle.

Doug Legursky was at center, while rookie David DeCastro was next up at right guard.

But just because the Steelers made these moves on Wednesday does not mean that will be the starting line Sunday in Baltimore.

In fact, I highly doubt that it will be.

This is a shell game Tomlin is playing with the Ravens, hoping they will take their eye off the ball enough to allow the Steelers to come away with a win.

Chances are, when the Steelers line up Sunday, Starks will be at LT, Colon at LG, Pouncey at C, Foster at RG and Beachum at RT.

But if there's an injury during the game, particularly to Colon, Pouncey could make the move to guard.

And if Beachum is overmatched at RT making his first career start, Foster could move over.

But that is not the plan right now.

@ Ben Roethlisberger did some light throwing Wednesday as he was limited in practice. He's getting better, but I'd be surprised if he plays this weekend.

@ Antonio Brown and Troy Polamalu both looked good Wednesday, a big plus for the Steelers.


marc said...

i'm expecting #7 to play. shoot 'em up and send him out there. he can deal with the pain on monday.

Anonymous said...

Or die on the field. Why risk BR's remaining years for one or two games?

Whack said...

Win or Lose, want I want to see are some Ravens getting carted off the field...

three weeks of having the opposition bust up our guys is enough...

Let's get some payback!

Anonymous said...

Let's just hope that Raven getting injured is not Ray Rice or we'll have to deal with a RB who can actually do more than just run straight in Bernard Pierce

marc said...

if he's cleared to play then the doctor has obviously determined the risks of significant damage are gone. therefore, it becomes a pain management issue and how effective can he be while dealing with the pain.

at this point in the season, you can't bank on winning the last 4 games and getting to the playoffs. if anything, this team has proven no game left on their schedule is a gimme.

imo, the steelers playoffs basically start this weekend. #7 may be a drama queen about his injuries, but he's no stranger to playing through them. i expect he will be out there one way or another.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

A genius would have benched Leftowich at half time and we would have beat Baltimore the first time. That would have been the Genius / Common Sense.

Whack said...

That's Bull S... did you not see the Cleveland game???

The only positive I could see of bringing Batch in against Baltimore is that he may have been better tuned for the game action against Cleveland... that is if he was not broken in half by the Ravens...

then again if batch would have played vs Baltimore, maybe we would have seen Hoyer last weekend!

Henry said...

Yeah, and Tomlin had put Batch in that game and the 38 yr old got hurt too then we really would be up sh*#'s creek.

All the info Dale provides just confirms my belief Ben isn't playing.