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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tuesday with Tomlin

Mike Tomlin met with the media Tuesday and only fielded about 15 questions about why Heath Miller didn't get the ball in the second half of Sunday's 27-24 overtime loss, and Ben Roethlisberger's misconstrued comments about the play calling.

Here are the facts: The Cowboys, who had been burned for six receptions for 85 yards and a score in the first half, rolled their coverages to Miller in the second half.

Roethlisberger, who has the OK to change plays at the line of scrimmage, did so on a number of occasions because that's what the defense dictated. He went 10 of 13 for 169 yards and a score in the second half.

Roethlisberger, whom Tomlin met with on Monday as he always does, was a little frustrated with the loss following this game, but he most certainly was not ripping the offensive coordinator, as some have tried to say.

It was a situation of some reporters trying to make something of a situation that wasn't there.

@ Tomlin had some good news on the injury front.

While he said Ike Taylor is out again this week - though he is out of the walking boot - Tomlin said Keenan Lewis and Cortez Allen should be ready to play.

DeMarcus Van Dyke was placed on IR and the Steelers signed Justin King.

Also, rookie tackle Mike Adams will be back this week, though it's no given that he will automatically replace Kelvin Beachum, who has play well.

@ Tomlin also said that while Antonio Brown is a very good player, he's a very good young player and is still learning the game.

Tomlin said he felt Brown could have fielded a punt - at least for a fair catch - late in the game, instead of allowing it to bounce another 15 yards.

Tomlin has full confidence in Brown as his punt returner.

@ At this point, Tomlin said his running back rotation will remain the same, though he did leave the door open for Rashard Mendenhall to have a role.

Remember, Jonathan Dwyer had a 100-yard rushing game against Cincinnati the first time around.


Anonymous said...

Something everyone forgets is that most newly installed offences take at least a year to become effective. You have a lot of moving parts and a little bit of drama. On the defense side of the ball we have ageing stars and no pass rush. Our defensive draft picks has not panned out. How can hood be so strong and look like he is playing on roller-skates and Heyward doesn’t play. The Steelers secondary doesn’t have to be great just good with our defensive design. The Steelers need to get lucky and find a good pass rusher. With the proliferation of 3 4 defensive fronts the possibility of finding that stand out linebacker project in later rounds has diminished greatly.
I wear Steeler colored glasses. So I always look to other teams to compare my beloved Steelers. As much as it pains me we are the cowboys.

Anonymous said...

You need to get some new glasses, we are hardly the Cowboys. From our ownership down to the box office person. We are a far better organization.

Easley said...

I agree with the first anon. We're very similar to the Cowboys this year, at least on the field. Both teams share the same inconsistency. Good enough to beat the best on a given week, or lose to the very worst. Say what you want about our "organization," but the record is the record

NIck said...

First Anon Here,
I would like to hear from steeler nation what team the product on the field reminds them of and why

Anonymous said...

Easley Great comment

marc said...

i would agree, as far as on the field, the steelers and cowboys are similar in the sense that both teams will look strong then shoot themselves in the foot...look strong again...then shoot themselves in the foot, again.

potential, inconsistent, lack of focus, talented...all describe both teams.

Anonymous said...

The steelers have a better chance of getting better than the cowboys but right now they are the same

D said...

With Willie Colon now on IR, I'm worried the running game will be able to produce another 100 yards. He played very well against Cinci earlier in the year.

Dale Lolley said...

I think they'll stick with Beachum at RT for now, but use Adams as a third tight end. That will allow them to make Pope inactive and keep Mendenhall active.

bruinmann77 said...

The steelers need to get a pass rusher and another cbwho can actually catch the ball.

Tom said...

As someone who hasn't studied much tape, How effective is Beachum in the run game? I know Adams has been a mauler in that aspect.

marc said...

seems to me adams must not be 100% right now or he would be starting. beachum has done a decent job filling in, but i don't think he is better than adams.

bruinmann77 said...

Still can't understand why Pope is on this team . Any chance we see plex this week

Anonymous said...

I think the Steelers and Giants are similar this year. Inconsistent, underachieving teams that are complacent from too much recent success.

Anonymous said...

No team in the NFL would shut out the steelers like Falcons did the Giants, we are not the Giants.

Anonymous said...

Giants wouldn't have lost to Oak, Tenn, SD, Clev, and nearly KC. You're right, the Steelers are not the Giants.

marc said...

winning % of teams beaten = .518
winning % of teams lost to = .560

winning % of teams beaten = .420
winning % of teams lost to = .643

winning % of teams beaten = .459
winning % of teams lost to = .480

interesting to note that the cowboys have not lost to a team under .500. the giants have lost to only 1 team under .500. the steelers have lost to 4 teams under .500.

Anonymous said...

Marc very tell statistics. We cannot beat either winning teams or losing teams. we can only beat the slightly less than average teams

Anonymous said...

Quick off topic question. Is draft pick determined by final reg season record, or are the teams in the playoffs slotted by where they finish after the playoff. Ex. Lowest seed wild card wins SB, are they last pick? Oh, and I still think we should get rid of Mendy, one good game, I started cooking my words in preparation for a meal, but I am back on my BW saying he became gun shy after the injury his rookie year. Thanks, NS in Atl

Anonymous said...

Draft is by regular season record except it's the two conference runners, then the SB loser, then SB champion in the last four draft slots.