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Saturday, December 01, 2012

Who I like, Baltimore version part II

Let's get straight to the point: I don't expect the Steelers to win this game.

In fact, it's likely that nobody does.

But that doesn't mean it's not important in some way.

The Steelers outplayed the Ravens a couple of weeks ago at home, but lost, 13-10, when they allowed a punt return for a touchdown.

The Byron Leftwich-led offense could only muster 10 points.

Charlie Batch will make his second start this week after Leftwich suffered fractured ribs early in that loss, but played through the injury.

Since I fully expect that this will be the first of three meetings between the Steelers and Ravens, Pittsburgh has to send a message in this one.

Sure, Joe Flacco plays better at home - the Ravens average 36 points per game at home, 16 on the road (how's that for a home-road difference) - which is why they won't be going to the Super Bowl.

So what the Steelers need to show in this one is that they can hold Baltimore's much-better home offense in check and not allow another big play - like Jacoby Jones' 63-yard punt return for a score - in this one.

Troy Polamalu and Antonio Brown are back this week, which should help. And the Steelers will get Ben Roethlisberger back next week. At least that is the plan at this point.

Baltimore is now an 8-point favorite to win this one and I expect that the Ravens will cover that spread, but it won't be easy.

Take Baltimore, 24-14.


joe said...

really just hoping for an injury free game so if ben is actually healthy next week they can start to win out and make the playoffs.

sounds like decastro is still hurting.

i'm not for sure, but it seems someone needs to tell several guys on this team to up their off season workout routines. woodley being number one on that list, dwyer, gilbert, polo, etc

bad situation in kc

Patrick said...

2nd of 3 you mean?

I actually find this game more important to try and knock down Baltimore so that the Steelers aren't going to Denver in Rd 1 again.

Even with a loss, I think this team can rattle off 4 straight assuming Ben is healthy. (And when that happens everyone will call the Steelers the hot team and the most dangerous playoff team, etc.)

But for whatever reason, I actually like the Steelers to win this one. These games are almost always close regardless of whos playing QB. I'm really tempted to bet it with that big spread but I don't like playing on the Steelers.

It seems like Harrison is starting to come back to form. I'll call a big strip-sack from him to change the game. Steelers 16-13.

Anonymous said...

Agree Joe...the WoodenDong is the least productive defensive player on the team if you factor in the money he makes. Biggest waste of cap space on the team.

joe said...

woodendong ?? i am a bit disapointed with woodley constantly injured and looking heavy. tomlin didn't like starks showing up to heavy, yet gilbert who played well as a rook showed up way overweight. dwyer's conditioning is terrible. two runs and he takes himself out.
it isn't like the old days when these guys had jobs in the off season. massive contracts should mean their off season job is to stay in shape. i just don't see that with many steelers

kyle said...

"i just don't see that with many steelers"

James Harrison, Ike Taylor, Lawrence Timmons, Ziggy Hood (to what ends), Pouncey, Antonio Brown and those are just the guys who are known for their conditioning. It's not like Clark and Foote and Cortez and Sanders and Keisel and a bunch of the other guys come in out of shape.

I get what you're saying about Woodley and Dwyer and some of the linemen but let's not pretend this is an epidemic.

And people love ripping Troy for his "nontraditional" offseason workout and try to blame it for his injuries but it's not like Clark or Ed Reed and Ray Lewis for that matter workout with Marinovich and they all seem to miss time. Playing style is more at fault than anything. I doubt any of the Steelers who have gone on IR this year worked out with Troy in the Spring.

joe said...

i menat "many" as in there are to many each year who show up out of shape.
i believe troy should have realized a few years ago that he isn't young anymore and adjusted his off season program. running is how troy has been hurt the last two years. that isn't reckless style of play.
i'm not ripping on anyone, just fed up with a guy like woodley making 10 mil and he keeps gaining weight. seemingly doing nothing different. starks and gilbert come into camp 40 plus pounds overweight. come on

Patrick said...

also, I anticipate Haley and Tomlin going into the bag of tricks this game. Offensively and maybe ST too.

I'm expecting bubble screens to Brown/Wallace with some kind of trick worked in like the failed pass to B. Batch this year.

Dale Lolley said...

Starks came to camp in great shape this year. Don't know what you're talking about on that one.

Gilbert was heavy. Woodley was a little heavy. Dwyer came in in great shape.

This too many guys out of shape stuff just doesn't fit

joe said...

i'm talking about starks in the past

gibert and woodley played at a lower level this season. weight was a factor. i want to see woodley be a dominating player all season, game in-game out. he should also find a trainer specifically for his hammies

i don't know what to say if you buy the dwyer came into camp in great shape. he lost some pounds, but his conditioning is horrible.

as i said, not ripping on anyone, i can't believe guys making this much money can't keep in better shape.