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Monday, December 10, 2012

What Colon injury means

With Willie Colon likely headed to injured reserve with yet another injury, the Steelers have to ask themselves some serious questions moving forward about the offensive lineman.

Colon will cost $6.45 million against the Steelers' salary cap in 2013, so the easy answer would be to cut him, re-sign impending free agent Ramon Foster, who has done a good job at right guard, and move forward with Foster and David DeCastro as the starting guards.

But that might not work.

Cutting Colon would save the Steelers just $1.2 million in cap space in 2013, money that could be used to re-sign Foster. But considering the awful state of offensive lines around the league and the other free agents the Steelers will want to bring back - Keenan Lewis and their restricted players - that won't be enough.

Then again, if the Steelers decide to slide Foster over to left guard and insert DeCastro down the stretch with Colon out, and that duo performs well, it could change plans.

But for now, plan on having Colon as part of this team in 2013.


Anonymous said...

Colon hasn't finished a season since 09, I think it's time to accept he can't stay healthy.

Anonymous said...

Since there'll be a new OL coach next year, I don't think anyone can say who'll be in or out next year.

Anonymous said...

I think they have to move on; he's just going to keep getting injured.

And Legursky is NOT the answer. That guy is so consistently awful. Why can all the fans and broadcasters see it but not the coaches? Did you see him backed up on the 4th and <1 in the 1st half? He's always getting pushed around.

Face it, we'll need to pick up a proven FA interior lineman or another through the draft.

Dan said...

I couldn't believe the deal that they gave the mediocre-at-best Colon when they gave it to him. Three seasons later and the deal is even more ridiculous. Now he'll get $6.45 million next year for sub-par play, far too many penalties, and the inevitable season-ending injury. On top of all that, he ran from the media in the Georgia debacle to save his own skin rather than to stand up for Roethlisberger. Colon's an all-around bum, and I look forward to him leaving.

Eric T said...


Isn't the most likely scenario that Colon restructures his deal to help lower his cap number and he returns? I like Foster, but I gotta believe he'll get more than he is worth on the FA market. Colon and Decastro will probably be starting next year.

I am more curios as to what the tackle position will look like. Starks, Gilbert, Adams and Beachum all have starting experience.

What are your thoughts? Could Starks be a cap casualty?

Scott said...

Docuhebag Dan, everything you say about Colon performance based is opinion orientated, contrary to the facts, and to what most people think. You're the bum and I look forward to you not writing back.

Dan said...

Apparently, Willie Colon is posting on this board as Scott. Come on, "Scott", explain to us just how awesome, penalty-free, and injury-free Willie Colon has been!

Joe Jones said...

Can't wait to hear how Decastro looks in practice tomorrow.

Dan said...

Willie Colon, second most penalized player in the NFL so far this year:

Dale Lolley said...

Starks isn't under contract next year, so they will have to re-sign him if they want to keep him

joe said...

what would his cap savings be in future years? with the injuries it is probably time to cut ties with him. kind of hoping they aren't stuck with him

several contract re-do's are due this off season. i'm hoping harrison is open to a reduction in pay, but maybe not. i thought i read ben counts nearly 20 million towards the cap next year. might not be much they can do with that considering how much brady and manning have been paid.