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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Who I like Cleveland II

Not a lot to say about this one.

Cleveland's backfield will consist of second-year player Thaddeus Lewis, who will be making his first career start after being signed off the practice squad earlier this week, handing the ball to Montario Hardesty.

The Steelers haven't been swept by the Browns in a season since 1988 and Cleveland is unlikely to change that this time around with Lewis at QB.

There's no line on this game because Vegas doesn't like to lose money.

Take the Steelers to win., 24-7.

@ As things currently stand, the Steelers hold the 14th pick in the draft.

Even with a win over Cleveland, it's unlikely the Steelers would move down in the draft too far.

The Giants and Cowboys already have eight with. Miami, St. Louis and New Orleans are sitting with seven wins.

All have better strength of schedules than the Steelers. So there's a chance the Steelers could win and still have the 14th pick at the end of the day.


Anonymous said...

I think at this point taking the Steelers to beat ANYONE outright is probably a loser's bet.

Fully expecting some kind of ST touchdown for Cleveland, or another pick 6 for their D.

Certain Steelers appeared to have ceased caring when the games still mattered. Now that it doesn't matter at all....I'm not expecting a lot today. Oh well, here's to '13 I guess.

DAVE said...

Just watched Greg Jennings kneel down on one knee as he celebrated a TD catch. flag was thrown.

Anonymous said...

Just saw mike mcCarthy throw a challenge flag on a turnover call ... and the refs STILL reviewed the play!!!