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Monday, August 05, 2013

Monday news, notes

Mike Tomlin finally eased up on his players on Monday, skipping the heavy hitting practices and instead allowing them to dress in shorts and shells.

That did not, however, mean they took things easy, as Monday's practice was heavy on cardio and running.

The physical practices have been a big change from any other camp I've covered. Nobody wants to get a high-priced veteran injured in the salary cap age.

But with so many new faces in key places, it's almost as if the team has already played a preseason game - though some players disagreed with that.

They still can't wait to go out and tackle someone other than teammates.

@ Curtis Brown tried to come back today and wound up aggravating his ankle injury.

@ Alameda Ta'amu was activated from the PUP list and practiced for the first time. The coaching staff still likes this kid a lot, hence the second chance he was given after playing dodge cars on the South Side last year.

@ Brett Keisel was asked today if he was preparing as if this was his final season.

The 12-year vet replied that it's just the final season of his contract.

I could see a situation in which the Steelers possibly extend him for at least a season, particularly with Ziggy Hood heading into the final year of his deal.

Cameron Heyward, meanwhile, continues to draw praise for the jump he's made in his game during the offseason.

@ Heath Miller rode up to lunch today with defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau and they chatted away as they walked into the lunch room.

That's one reason why LeBeau is so beloved. He can talk to anyone. Same goes for Miller.

@ Speaking of guys who can talk to anyone, add Larry Foote to that column.

Foote has never turned down an interview request by anyone.

Monday, he playfully shouldered a new beat reporter as he walked by him. The new guy asked if Foote always does stuff like that? Can't speak for his year in Detroit, but Foote has always been a stand-up guy.


Anonymous said...

Dale, has any of "other" Cbs shown promise: UDFAs etc.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Ta'amu takes over at NT, if Mclendon could slide over to DE in place of Hood/Keisel in 2014. He seemed to be willing to do "whatever the coaches want" in his interview. He is lighter and more agile than Hampton so maybe the future of the Steelers D Line is Mclendon, Ta'amu, Heyward.

I do hope Hood works out but he may be out of town anyway if they don't extend him now. I just don't think he has earned an extention yet.

Mrs. Isaac Redman

KT said...

Thanks again Dale.

What are the players saying about the full-contact practices, either on or off the record?

Dale Lolley said...

Here's what they are saying about the live hitting:

Haven't talked to anyone privately who will go against it, either.

Anonymous said...

I thought Tomlin's first camp was noted for it's physicality? Probably him wanting to set a tone, let them know who's the boss. Of course a number of older guys broke down at the end of the year and it ended with a home playoff loss to Jax. With the amount of roster turnover and coming off a lack-luster season it's probably not a bad thing to re-install that mindset, particularly since it sounds like he's mixing in some 'vet days off' for the older guys.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is comparing this year with heavy hitting to Tomlin's first camp. If most just make it through camp relatively healthy we should not be that concerned of injuries late in the season because of the rule changes. You can't practice hard pretty much at all during the season so it is slightly easier to recover between games. Please remember this. This is not exactly like years ago. I do like heavy camp!