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Friday, August 23, 2013

Steelers, Eagles make trade

The Steelers traded first-year outside linebacker Adrian Robinson to Philadelphia for veteran running back Felix Jones Friday.

The move solidifies Chris Carter's spot on the roster at outside linebacker and also opens the possibility of Alan Baxter also making it as well.

Jones, meanwhile, adds another experienced body to a crowded backfield.

A disappointment in Dallas after being a first-round pick - one ahead of Rashard Mendenhall - Jones signed a one-year deal with Philadelphia as a free agent.

As an aside, those calling Mendenhall's career with the Steelers a bust should look at Jones' tenure with Dallas.

Jones is no lock to make this roster, but the trade for a veteran running back does show that the Steelers aren't ready to just hand jobs to Isaac Redman or Jonathan Dwyer.

In fact, Jones has many of the same issue the other backs on the roster have had. He's missed a number of games in his career with injuries.

Robinson showed promise as a pass rusher in 2012, but for whatever reason, wasn't looked at as a special teams player, a necessity for a reserve outside linebacker.


marc said...

well, this trade gives you a glimpse as to how the steelers feel about dwyer and redman.

Dale Lolley said...

More Dwyer than Redman.
But it's really just insurance. Bell is injured. Redman has been injured. LSH has been injured.

Jones has been around long enough that he should be able to step in and run a handful of plays Saturday if needed.

Dale Lolley said...

In grand scheme of things, they basically signed a veteran running back off the scrap heap. They got him for a player they would likely have cut.

Anonymous said...

I've seen others on other boards freaking out about this trade. Either lamenting getting rid of Robinson, a player with a lot of "potential", or suggesting that Jones has to be a roster lock because, "Why trade for a guy you're just going to cut in a few weeks?". Trades like this happen all the time, it's just giving away a player you're not going to keep at a position of strength for a vet at a position that's banged up. If they cut him they're not out anything. Oh, and I live in Dallas, Jones is terrible.

kelly said...

Same thing happened (outrage) when we lost Thad Gibson and he's bounced around to a few teams since, so no biggie. Robinson had no practice squad eligibility left anyway, so if he wasn't going to make the team, he was gone for nothing. Seems like an alright move regardless of how Jones works out.