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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Steelers release depth chart

The Steelers released their first depth chart in advance of their first preseason game Saturday against the New York Giants.

Mike Adams is listed as the starting left tackle, while Marcus Gilbert is at right.

Certainly this could still change, but it appears that Adams has won the job for now.

The only other interesting thing I saw was that Emmanuel Sanders is listed as the No. 1 kick returner, ahead of free agent signee LaRod Stephens-Howling and rookie Reggie Dunn.

Stephens-Howling had better hope that doesn't remain the case if he hopes to remain on the roster.

With rookie Le'Veon Bell looking like he'll be the starting running back - even though he's still listed as only ahead of fellow rookie Curtis McNeil on the depth chart. That's just window dressing.


Easley said...

Really really really not a fan of using starting receivers as kick returners.

TarheelFlyer said...

Personally I could care less about the KR, I only care about the PR. With the current yard line for Kickoffs, very few returns actually happen.

Anonymous said...

Holmes, Randle-el, Brown, Sanders, all KR/PR while starters.

Dale Lolley said...

Brown is still No. 1 on the punt return.
I'm not a fan of using the No. 1 receiver as a returner, especially when you don't have the depth at that position that you had before.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Rainey was such a knucklehead, I thought he added a dimension they missed for a while there last year. In fact I was hoping they'd use a later round flyer to find his replacement. Hopefully by the end of August one of these other guys will have stepped up.

Nate said...

Stephens-Howling is better than Rainey. He's a versatile RB, who despite his size, can step in and be the feature back for a game or two. In his three career games with 20+ carries, he's averaging around 110 yards.

Dale Lolley said...

Stephens-Howling is way better than Rainey. He's short but much stockier than Rainey, who would go do at first contact and didn't have LSH's shiftiness.

But with the addition of an every-down back, LSH's touches could be very limited if he's not the kick returner.