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Sunday, August 18, 2013

What to look for against Washington

After his false start last week, I expect Le'Veon Bell to try to give it a go this week.

Can he transfer what he's done on the practice field to a game against another defense?

The Steelers are giving Bell every chance in the world to take the job away from Isaac Redman, including limiting Redman to two carries last week.

@ How much will Jarvis Jones and Shamarko Thomas play with the first-team units?

Jones rotated in with the starters this week as Mike Tomlin was obviously not happy with Jason Worilds taking a couple of silly penalties late in the first half against the Giants.

Jones' worst attribute thus far has been something everyone expected him to be able to do - rush the passer.

He needs to come up with some different moves. But his feel for the game as a linebacker against the run and in the passing game are solid.

As for Thomas, he could see some time in the first-team nickel. Can he take advantage?

@ Watch the punters.

Both will get a half and Brian Moorman is a lot closer to winning the job than Drew Butler is to losing it.

Moorman's hang time is outstanding, but Butler's not going down without a fight.

@ Can any of the reserve linemen other than Kelvin Beachum play?

Beachum will see time at center in this game. John Malecki's spot is safe on the roster, but the Steelers are obviously hoping Beachum can show he can play center as well so they can save a roster spot on game days.


adamg said...

Do you really think the Steelers would go into a game with only 6 OL dressed? Given the number of OL injuries the past few years, that seems like a bad idea.

Dale Lolley said...

Never said they'd go with six. Seven is the minimum. But if Beachum shows he can play center, they don't have to go with eight because they won't have to carry Malecki active on game days.

Anonymous said...

Then who do you see as the 7th gameday active, if not Malecki? One of Batiste/Whimper? Do you think those two are fighting for one spot?

Anonymous said...

we as steelers fans need to accept the depressing reality that the backup tackle on this team has the last name of Whimper

Dale Lolley said...

Whimper or somebody they sign off the waiver wire

marc said...

O-line looks like crap. To many penalties. Offense looks awful. Defense is fine, except my favorite CB getting jukes out of his shoes by a freaking TE. Ugh, they have plenty to work on before the season starts.

Easley said...

I really don't care about wins and losses in preseason, but I'd to have just one freakin' series where the starting offense looks competent. With this offensive line it looks like it's going to be a long season for fans, and a short one for Ben.

Anonymous said...

Wow, is it me or does this team look real short on talent? Colbert needs held accountable for that problem.

Makimg Rex Grossman look like the second coming of Tom Brady takes some doing.

The OL is brutal. Adams and Gilbert are revolving doors at OT.

It's early, but Bell is looking like a bust since he can't seem to stay on the field. Too bad.

Anonymous Brian said...

#43 was covering nobody on the TD catch over Gay. That's twice in two games Gay got torched while he watched / guessed wrong. Fire everybody!

Preseason is even worse when you look awful rather than just sloppy.

Eh, preseason.

adamg said...

I understand no game planning and coaches want to get long looks at certain players in specific situations, but it's concerning that the first team D cannot get pressure even when sending 6 guys or safety/corner blitz.

The first team OL has had big problems in pass pro now two games in a row. And OL is getting called for a ton of penalties, too.

These things do not bode well for the season.

I suspect they'll be scouring the waiver wire the next couple of weeks.