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Monday, September 16, 2013

Game-day thread

The Steelers have Landry Jones, Shayne Graham, Le'Veon Bell, Cortez Allen, Cody Wallace and Heath Miller inactive for tonight's game.

Fernando Velasco is officially listed as the starter at center.

With Graham down, Shaun Suisham will kick.

Jarvis Jones will also start tonight, but Jason Worilds will also see time at ROLB and LOLB.


Anonymous said...

This ol is a joke. No push. Can't sustain any blocks. Enough already with the freaking wr screens. #7 is gotta be going out of his mind. Tomlin has had years to fix the line. Sorry for the rant.


Anonymous said...

Problem ain't the OL, the OC, the run game or the receivers, it's the guy stepping in behind center. Same old, same old. If he can't complete a long pass or run around to make a sandlot play, the offense sputters.

There are plenty of plays to help the line or blunt a rush, but, sadly, Ben can't or won't execute any of them.

Ben whined and cried about the offense last year, now he's running the plays he wants, so the blame for the inept offense sits on his shoulders.

Anonymous said...

That's a bunch of crap. Betcha you weren't thinking that way during the drive during the last super bowl win. Remember that one? Ben with a third rate center and santonio were money.

Naw, this line sucks.

Patrick said...

this team has become so difficult to watch, dropped passes, fumbles, goofy play calling and otherwise just not having their heads in the game.

Just watched Woodley jump offsides on that 3rd and 3 and that was just unacceptable.

Can't have your big money guys doing that.

Anonymous said...

Betcha you weren't watching when the offense went a bunch of 3 and outs until that last drive.

Your boy is a 1 trick pony and now that defenses have figured out to just keep him in the pocket, he can't make plays and shows himself to be a below average qb.

Anonymous said...

Fire Haley already. Enough said. Wtf!!!

Anonymous said...

So pissed off. So tired of watching an offense content to score 10-17 points a game.

Anonymous Brian said...

Bengals are better than Steelers. Their D-line is better than our O-line, their O-line better than our D-line, etc.

Anyway, Steelers defense nothing special, but look like average NFL team at least. As for offense, tiny bit better than last week but still pathetic.

Please no nonsense about how bad tripping call on Gilbert "changed the game" & how, if not for that, Steelers would have won.

Particularly infuriating:

-- Not getting to line of scrimmage after Paulson fumble to get off quick play. Unbelievable substituting in that situation.

-- Slowest-every hurry-up on second-to-last drive when down by ten. Why do other teams seem able to do this much quicker?

Ben in 10th year, 2nd year w/ this offense, should look better. It looks Gabbert-esque only without all the practicing the Jaguars probably do during the week. (Has been pattern - worse the first 2 games of 2013 but still a pattern - for a couple seasons now. Meaning offense that struggles to put up, say, 20 points in a game, regardless of the presence / non-presence of Mike Wallace, Todd Haley, Bruce Arians, Kelvin Beachum as all-important Matt Spaeth blocking fill-in...)

Just for fun, true or false:

James Harrison is more responsible for 2008 Super Bowl ring than Ben Roethlisberger is. I say true, especially if you consider whole season & not only his great interception TD.

Also fun - just remembered Cotchery end-around (GREAT play call!) - on replay Paulson was thrown to ground by cornerback as if cornerback was Geno Atkins.

Anonymous said...

DeCantblock sucks

Patrick said...

there were a lot of reasons the Steelers lose the game and the tripping call was the least of them, yes.

But, that was a bad call with a big effect.

However, the the things the team should be able to control (Paulsen's fumble and Ben's garbage) loomed larger.

Anonymous Brian said...

Also, on TV, it looked like Velasco was best offensive lineman tonight. Is that true? Adams vs. Michael Johnson looked like Starks vs. Aldon Smith in the 49ers Monday nighter a couple years ago. Just no chance.

Steelers have interesting record last 8-9 years or so when playing home games after Mon. night on road. Yikes. I think we are due for some lucky breaks & have to beat Cutler eventually (0-2, each time by a FG) so Steelers shall rise to 1-2 next week.

adamg said...

Defenses have figured out that if they keep BR in the pocket, he won't really make many plays to beat them. This should have been fixed years ago, but "let Ben be Ben" carried the day.

No one should be surprised after Whisenhunt left and BR got free rein to be a sandlot QB that he's now struggling to adapt to being in a disciplined offense.

I don't think there's any answer at this point except to let him go no huddle all the time as that seems to be the only setting in which he's truly comfortable.

Anonymous said...

ben's pretty good but he's been exposed enough to not reasonably be considered elite by anyone anymore. too many flaws. usually accurate, but misses an easy throw or two every game, turns it over essentially once every game, sloowww reads, over a hundred more sacks than the next closest person since he's come into the league. bleh.

whenever we've won the superbowl the defense was excellent and carried us during the season. he was bad for a lot of the GB superbowl, and was bad the last two seasons after sustaining late season injuries (both partially due to offensive line but also his lack of awareness/poor decision making).

a few years ago when he was going through all that ridiculous turmoil w/ that girl in Georgia or wherever it was, and dumb yinzers wanted him off the team, i was outraged by the thought. now if we traded him for some high picks i would probably be okay with it. this team is going nowhere and won't realistically be able to compete for a bowl until the '15 season at the earliest.