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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Steelers-Vikings game day thread

Cheerio from London.

The Steelers' inactives today are Landry Jones, Derek Moye, Isaac Redman, Isaiah Green, Antwon Blake, Cody Wallace and Hebron Fangupo.

Redman is a bit of a surprise. But with Le'Veon Bell back today, there's no room on the roster for a running back who isn't going to help on special teams a great deal.

The weather here is overcast. Sun was shining earlier. But the temps have dropped steadily.

Field looks great, however.


adamg said...

First offensive series, a perfect example of "Ben being Ben". 3rd and 4, back to pass with a bit of a rush, receiver open in the left flat past the 1st down marker, but BR ignores him and throws a long, inaccurate pass down the sideline incomplete. Instead of having 1st and 10, it's 3 and out.

adamg said...

Maybe the football gods just are against this team. They force a fumble and it bounces right to the only MN guy around and for a 1st down to boot.

Anonymous Brian said...

Great timeout-calling skill / clock management by Tomlin near end of half.

Anonymous said...

Mike Adams is horrible. A tree stump would do a better job as LT.

Patrick said...

Tomlin's clock management at 2:01 wasn't good either.

But we overlook those things for some reason.

Anonymous said...

"for some reason"

Ben turns it over twice a game and the defense has got the ball all year. Clock management doesn't seem like a big deal in light of those things.

Z in tempe

Anonymous said...

8-12 from last season... 2-9 in last 10 months.. with one draft... whole offseason of same coaches... if things continue the same way... need to shake it up..

Patrick said...

its a big deal, and overlooked, because its been a problem since he took the job

Anonymous said...

Fire Colbert.

Anonymous said...

It just seems odd that your takeaway from this game is poor clock management

Anonymous said...

Marc Said:

finally, the steelers will win if for no other reason the vikings are the worst team in football. i saw them play against the browns here and they are so bad vikings fans should get discounted tickets to home football games.

There was an attempt at retraction, but the original statements are there to see.


1. Think about apologizing to the Minnesota Vikings and their fans.
2. Reconsider the Steelers position in “worst team in football” derby.
3. Give Art a call on Monday and see if he can get that discounted tickets to home football games program moving. He may need to offer a couple of “Ahns” with each ticket purchase and during those balmy December games, up it to a couple of boilermakers, that would be the only way to make it tolerable to watch.

Here’s a little help for you in getting the idea going:

adamg said...

Jared Allen makes a lot of LTs look bad. The bottom line is BR had enough time to throw. I was flipping between baseball and football, but at least 2 of the sacks I saw were BR not throwing the ball away when he had the chance.

Anyway, this loss belongs to the defense for just allowing too many big plays and being unable to recover the one fumble they did cause.

The Steelers are rebuilding and fans are just going to have to accept that fact. Batch even said he knew it would be a rough year when he left after last season.
It's the way of the NFL.

Anonymous said...

figures we are finally looking like a top 5 draft pick and there are no elite LT's coming out

Guess we better hope they get Clowney

Patrick said...

was just piggy backing off other time management post.

Anonymous said...

gotcha, my bad

Patrick said...

all good. I'm just sick of yelling at the TV over things that are so obvious.

marc said...

I stand behind what I said, the Vikings suck. Like I said in the post you referenced, gang tackle Peterson and watch the cutback lanes and they will win. Seems that would have worked out just fine if they actually came out and played defense.

And yes, I agree, put the steelers in that category. They suck too. Go ahead and give away tickets because the fans shouldn't have to pay to watch garbage like that.

While the coaches are certainly partially responsible for this cluster f###, the players need to execute. They can't be handing the ball over every game, missing wide open receivers, missing blocks, missing running lane assignments, etc.

At this point, I put the majority of the blame on Colbert. The players lack talent and until someone tells me differently, Colbert has the final call on drafts and free agents.

marc said...

By the way, no retraction was attempted. I admitted the jags are worse as mentioned by another poster. Get a clue.

Anonymous said...

Third worst team in the league.

Jacksonville has no talent.

NY Giants appear to have no heart.

The Steelers are deeply flawed, have the worst OL, and the 2nd most turnover prone QB. And now a defense that cannot tackle or pressure the QB, and certainly cannot get a TO.

Anonymous said...

I'll give you credit Marc, at least you didn't back away from it, you met it straight on.

marc said...
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