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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Miller expected back this week

The Steelers will get a boost this week with the return of tight end Heath Miller. Running back Le'Veon Bell is also expected to return to practice - at least on a limited basis - inching the Steelers ever so slightly back toward having improved offensive weapons.

Miller coming back will be huge. Ben Roethlisberger looks out of sync right now without Miller on the field. Adding another target - especially one who has been with him so long and knows the scramble drill as well as anyone - will be a big boost.

It should also help open up some of the other receivers and the running game.

With Miller on the field, opposing defenses won't have the luxury of walking a safety into the box to stop the running game or blitz.

@ While Bell won't play this week, it appears that Felix Jones will likely get the start this week at running back.

I thought Jones did some nice things Monday night, making something out of a couple of runs on which there really wasn't much there.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dale thanks for posting any chance that Beachum could start at right tackle? I think he's better then Gilbert. Also what's the deal with Williams & Wilson they look lost out there. Everybody seems so surprised by Felix Jones play, even Tomlin, which I don't get. The only issue that Felix ever had was staying healthy. Also I still think this team can make the playoffs, or am I crazy? Thanks Dale

DAVE said...

(Just posted this on the previous post and then realized that it wasn't the most recent blog entry)

I'm confused on this one thing regarding the Paulson fumble:

If a play is whistled dead before the other team recovers, how can there be a change of possession?

To allow a change of possession, even if the fumble is clear on replay, would seem to promote players continuing to play hard after the whistle. If, in fact, there is a potential reward for doing so.

Greg Mercer said...

Totally agree with Dave. Did the Bengals clearly recover the fumble and secure it. I thought the defender was just walking around with it in one hand. Who is to say, a Steeler wouldn't have slapped it out? How did they know where to spot the ball?

Unless you want injuries due to guys playing hard AFTER the whistle has blown, the play must stop when the whistle is blown.

Greg Mercer said...

Also, there was another play where flags were thrown, but they stopped the play and said there were no fouls.

I thought the Bengals had actually snapped the ball, but my friend said they didn't snap it. If it was snapped, shouldn't the down have counted.

Can someone please fill in the blanks for me on this one?

Nate said...

The NFL rules on fumbles changed a couple years ago. A ball can be recovered after the play has been whistled dead/down-by-contact.

Upon review of that play, if it is determined that one team clearly recovered the football, and that the play was indeed a fumble, then the recovering team will be awarded possession at the spot of the recovery. You can not advance the football.

Personally, I don't like the rule. The whistle is and always has been the signal to stop play.

kelly said...

I agree with what has been said about the fumble; once the whistle blows, players let up and stop pursuing. Not sure how you can make a clear ruling on that play.

As far as the play with the flags... I can't recall if the ball was snapped, but the Bengals certainly wouldn't lose a down because of an officiating error.

Greg Mercer said...

Officials pick up flags all the time, and the play still counts. If the ball was snapped, why would this play be different?

Because of an inadvertent whistle? The play didn't stop at the whistle on Paulson's fumble.

Dale Lolley said...

I think anything is on the table at this point in terms of guys moving in and out of starting lineup. Don't think they'll make wholesale changes, but I was hearing in TC that some felt Beachum was better.

As for Paulson fumble, if there was a clear recovery, the whistle doesn't matter since it really was a fumble. That's been the rule for several years now.

Anonymous said...

i was perusing the team stats this morning...ughhh, they are abysmal. one stood out though: the steelers have achieved a first down via the run only 2 times this season compared to 18 for their opponents.

a few other interesting stats:
- 30th in 3rd down coversions
- 3rd fewest in penalties
- 29th in net punting
- 31st in rushing yards per attempt.

separately, i was glad to see #43 mix it up near the end of the last game. this whole team needs to start playing with more of a chip on its shoulder and get after it, imo.

kelly said...


Obviously if the play was run and flags were thrown, the play would count, but that's not what happened. The refs tossed the flags and blew the play dead. You can't take a down away in that situation.