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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

HOF lists this year's nominees

The Hall of Fame released its list of modern-era nominees today. The list will be paired down to 25 semifinalists in November.

Here's the list with Steelers noteables in bold:

List of Modern-Era Nominees for the Class of 2014

First-year Eligible Nominees

Quarterback – Trent Green
Running Backs – Shaun Alexander, Warrick Dunn
Wide Receiver – Marvin Harrison
Offensive Linemen – Willie Anderson (T), Walter Jones (T)
Linebackers – Derrick Brooks, Tedy Bruschi, Willie McGinest (also DE), Zach Thomas
Defensive Backs – Rodney Harrison (S), Sam Madison (CB), Patrick Surtain (CB)
Coaches – Tony Dungy, Jon Gruden, Mike Holmgren

Additional Nominees

Quarterbacks – Drew Bledsoe, Randall Cunningham, Doug Flutie, Steve McNair, Phil Simms
Running Backs – Ottis Anderson, Tiki Barber, *Jerome Bettis, Larry Centers, Roger Craig, Stephen Davis, Terrell Davis, Eddie George, Priest Holmes, Dave Meggett (also PR/KR), Eric Metcalf (also WR/PR/KR), Herschel Walker, Ricky Watters
Wide Receivers – *Tim Brown (also KR), Gary Clark, Mark Clayton, Henry Ellard (also PR), Keyshawn Johnson, Keenan McCardell, *Andre Reed, Sterling Sharpe, Jimmy Smith, Rod Smith
Tight End – Mark Bavaro
Offensive Linemen – Tony Boselli (T), Lomas Brown (T), Jim Covert (T), Jay Hilgenberg (C), Chris Hinton (G/T), Kent Hull (C),  Joe Jacoby (T), Mike Kenn (T), Jim Lachey (T), Don Mosebar (C), Tom Nalen (C), Nate Newton (G), *Will Shields (G), Steve Wisniewski (G)
Defensive Linemen – Jerome Brown (DT), *Charles Haley (DE/LB), Ed “Too Tall” Jones (DE), Dexter Manley (DE), Charles Mann (DE),  Steve McMichael (DT/NT), Fred Smerlas (NT), *Michael Strahan (DE), Ted Washington (DT/NT), Bryant Young (DE)
Linebackers – Cornelius Bennett, *Kevin Greene (LB/DE), Ken Harvey, Clay Matthews, Karl Mecklenburg, Sam Mills, Darryl Talley
Defensive Backs – Eric Allen (CB), Steve Atwater (S), Joey Browner (S), LeRoy Butler (S), Albert Lewis (CB), John Lynch (S), Troy Vincent (S), Everson Walls (CB), *Aeneas Williams (CB/S), Darren Woodson (S)
Kickers/Punter – Morten Andersen (K), Gary Anderson (K), Sean Landeta (P), Nick Lowery (K)
Special Teams/Position Player – Brian Mitchell (also RB), Steve Tasker (also WR)
Coaches – Bill Arnsparger, Don Coryell, Bill Cowher, Tom Flores, Jimmy Johnson, Chuck Knox, Buddy Parker, Richie Petitbon, Dan Reeves, Lou Saban, Marty Schottenheimer, Clark Shaughnessy, Dick Vermeil
Contributors – K. S. (Bud) Adams, Jr., Bobby Beathard, Gil Brandt, Leo Carlin, Red Cashion, Jack Kent Cooke, Otho Davis, *Edward DeBartolo, Jr., Ron Gibbs, Jerry Jones, Eddie Kotal, Robert Kraft, Elmer Layden, Art McNally, *Art Modell, Bill Polian, Steve Sabol, Paul Tagliabue, Jim Tunney, Ron Wolf, George Young

This will probably be the year that Bettis finally gets in. The first-year class doesn't have any no-brainers, with Walter Jones and Derrick Brooks probably being the guys from that group who gets the most push.

McGinnest and Bruschi could also possibly get some consideration, but there are some other defensive linemen and linebackers who could steal their thunder.


Anonymous said...

A lot of good, but not great, players except for the offensive linemen group.

I'd think Marvin Harrison would get a lot of consideration, too.

Anonymous said...

no friggen way Marvin Harrison gets in the year after this Hernandez debacle, if ever.

Anonymous said...

Tedy Bruschi - seriously?! Good player, but nowhere near HOF material. I don't think he's even one of those "almost-but-not-quite" HOF players. He gets in, and you might as well open the floodgates.

Greg Mercer said...

i've been dreading the day when these former Patriots become eligible. Without even taking into account Spygate, most of those player aren't good enough for the Hall. But when you do factor in Spygate, no way in hell should anybody from those teams not named Brady or Vinatierri even get a sniff at a yellow blazer.

i also don't think Belechek should get in. of course, he will. Thanks, Goodell.

i still can't believe Rooney championed that guy. if Goodell ever gets his wish and outlaws the three point stance, football, as we know it, is over.

John Kang said...

Agree with Greg Mercer. I dread the potential torrent of Patriots, especially with all the sports writers licking Belichick's... nose.

These are the early 2000s Patriots dynasty I would consider:
Brady and Vinaiteri for sure.
Maybe Bruschi and Harrison
Possible thought of Troy Brown.

kykle said...

Bruschi was at no point in his career a hall of fame caliber player. He was good. He overcame a serious health problem and was a good story but he wasn't never great. He didn't have a unique niche. He wasn't outstanding at one particular thing. He was a generally good linebacker. That shouldn't get you in the hall.

Steve said...


Harrison has never been formally charged with anything. However, Andre Reed has been a finalist the past few years and, though I think Harrison has a better case, there may be enough voters who want to put Reed in first.

Derrick Brooks is a "no brainer" to me. If Warren Sapp's first ballot, than for damn sure so is Brooks. I think Jones is, too. I don't see his case because weaker than Jonathan Ogden's and it be argued that it's actually slightly stronger.

Bruschi and McGinest have no real chance. Only players from those NE Ds I can see getting much push are Law, Harrison (who's also eligible for the first time this year) and Seymour with Seymour having the best chance.

Zach Thomas is also first-time eligible. He probably has a long wait ahead, but I would think he'll get more support than Bruschi.

Three head coaches are on the ballot for the first time - Dungy, Gruden and Holmgren. May not be this year, but Dungy will get in sooner rather than later. Cowher's also on the ballot again, but I think there's still enough skepticism about him being finished coaching for him to make it very far in the voting.