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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cap jumps to $130 million

The Steelers, and really everyone else in the NFL, got some good news Thursday when it was reported the salary cap is expected to be at $130 million in 2014, not the $126.3 million that was originally expected.

That number is not yet set in stone and could go up - which is more likely - or down, but for a teams currently over the cap, as the Steelers are as I write this, that's good news if it turns out to be true.

"I think that is a welcomed rumor," said Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert Thursday. "We haven't gotten any information on the cap, and I don't anticipate us getting it until really close to March 11. So whether it goes up or not, we have to prepare for the worst and see where it lands. You don't want to have false hope that it's going to be ($130 million) and then it's not. So, we still have to prepare off of what we were working with last year, and then maybe add to it.

"Those numbers start floating around, but they haven't been substantiated."

The first move will be releasing offensive tackle Levi Brown at a savings of $6.2 million. That move by itself will leave the Steelers just $2 million over the cap if the $130 million figure is correct, something that can be fixed with a simple restructure or a contract extension without releasing anyone else.

It was interesting to note, however, that listed a number of Steelers as potential cap cuts, including LaMarr Woodley and Ike Taylor, with Troy Polamalu listed as a possible surprise cut.

Brown and linebacker Larry Foote were only listed possible potential cuts.

Make no mistake, Brown is going to be released. Of the others, Woodley is possible, but only after June 1.

I don't see Taylor or Polamalu being released.

Taylor will be asked to take a pay cut, to be sure. And if the Steelers ask him to take a pay cut, they also have to be prepared for what happens if he says no. But Taylor has said several times that he doesn't want to play anywhere else. He has a very close relationship with Steelers chairman Dan Rooney.

I'll take him at his word that he doesn't want to leave Pittsburgh.


Anonymous said...

Totally off subject dale, but have you heard anything new on the Louis delmas situation? We're they just kicking the tires or do they have a real interest in signing him? I think it would be a good pickup and help out with what they want to do in the draft

Dale Lolley said...

Kicking the tires, checking out his knee. He also visited Denver.

Anonymous said...

I know they're trying to get younger, but the oline is pretty young already. Having said that, is it possible the steelers go for David Stewart from titans (if he's released, which is likely)?

has been with Munchak his entire career and has been a pretty above average tackle. At his age he's likely average, but at a good price and with history with Munchak one would think it's a possibility.

Michael Otto from the titans too. And he's a free agent, with experience at both guard and tackle. A bit younger than Stewart, though obviously not as good

Dale Lolley said...

They won't bring in any starter-type players. Anyone coming in would be coming in strictly as a backup.

Anonymous said...

dale, isn't that presumptuous to assume the starters for next year's team are already on the roster or will be drafted?

the steelers have had success bringing in FA safeties in the past, why will this time be different?

Anonymous said...

Marc, I think Dale is talking about free agent OLmen in response to Anon 6:31.

Anonymous said...

maybe I misunderstood.

Anonymous said...

I was looking over a list of free agents and one name I saw that I haven't seen connected with the Steelers is Kendrick Lewis. He was drafted by the Chiefs when Haley was the head coach and has been the free safety working along side Eric Berry. He hasn't put up great career stats, but it does seem like someone that would interest them. A 25 year old experienced starter that has also worked with a freelancing Polamalu type safety.

Dale Lolley said...

Right. Strictly talking o-line there. I think they feel pretty good about their top six. They'll let Beachum run with left tackle and Gilbert and Adams will battle for the RT spot in camp.

And if Adams makes some kind of jump and beats out Beachum at LT, so be it.

I don't know that Lewis, who ran a 4.73 at his college workouts, fits the bill for what they want. He did have six ints in his first two seasons, but just one in the past two seasons

Anonymous said...

Dale, I heard the steelers, like many other teams, run their own internal mock draft where they make all the picks and thereby set their draft board. Considering that they already have a franchise QB and the likelihood that the top 3 QBs are gone by pick 15, do they eliminate QB as a pick from their mock or do they keep them in there?

Dale Lolley said...

No, they keep all the players in there regardless of whether they will draft one at that position or not.

They actually do a number of mocks, running through different scenarios.

Dale Lolley said...

Obviously, there are also players they don't have on their personal board for different reasons - medical, off-field, etc. - but they still keep them in play for other teams.

But when it comes time for their pick, obviously they are passing on those players.

D said...

Tho I am glad this helps their cap position, but I hope it does not mean that they now will entertain keeping Woodley. There is no way in the World that they should pay him $14.8M next Season, even if they have the cash. OR restructure him, which just delays the impact which is why they are in a cap net zero position effectively as is.

Dale Lolley said...

It doesn't hurt their situation to have him next season if he fits under the cap.

When he plays, he's still very effective. And, as they have shown for the past few years, they need three OLBs just in case of injury. Even Harrison missed some games.

Let's say he comes out and has a 10-12 sack season in 2014. Wouldn't you rather that be with the Steelers than with, say, Cleveland?