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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Three weeks to free agency

With about three weeks remaining until the start of the NFL's free agency period on March 11, there has been little movement around the league in terms of teams signing their own guys

That could be due to what Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert said was the deepest draft he's seen in 30 years. It could also be because teams still aren't quite sure where the cap is going to be at.

Early estimates put it at $126.3 million. The early estimates are usually low, and recently I've also seen around $128 million as being possibility.

Either way, the Steelers have some work to do before free agency begins. Colbert said last week that the team has had some preliminary talks with some players about new deals, extensions and possible pay cuts. Watch for those to heat up considerably in the coming weeks, most likely after everyone gets back from the NFL combine, which begins this weekend.

Look for the Steelers to also be players on the free agent market this offseason - at least on some mid to low-level guys, particularly on the defensive line and in the secondary.

Here are some guys I like who could come rather cheaply:

Alex Carrington, DE, Buffalo
Tyson Jackson, DE, Kansas City
Corey Wooten, DE, Chicago
Terrence Cody, NT, Baltimore
Earl Mitchell, NT, Houston
Clinton McDonald, DL, Seattle
Tony McDaniel, DE, Seattle
Captain Munnerlyn, CB, Carolina
Nolan Carroll, CB, Miami
Richard Marshall, CB, San Diego
Javier Arenas, CB, Arizona
Mike Mitchell, S, Carolina
Nate Allen, S, Philadelphia
Charles Tillman, DB, Chicago - convert to safety
Rashean Mathis, DB, Detroit - convert to safety

@ You can add Detroit safety Louis Delmas to this list.

The Steelers hosted Delmas, who was cut in a cost-related move, last week on Monday. Players who have been released are available to sign immediately.

Delmas, 26, had three interceptions and two sacks last season to go along with 64 tackles and eight pass defenses.

He's a former second-round pick out of Western Michigan.


Homegrown Misanthropist said...

Dale, which positions do you think should be addressed in Free Agency and which ones do you think should be left for the draft? I am thinking DL (NT) and perhaps a Safety should be sought after in free agency while CB, ILB, FS, etc could be covered at the draft.

adamg said...

Delmas is exactly the kind of FA the Steelers go after. I won't be at all surprised if they sign him.

Eric T said...

Delmas fills a need and signing him will not hurt their comp picks the next year. Hopefully other teams are scared off because of his knee, otherwise I doubt they can afford him.

Dale Lolley said...

HM, I listed only defensive linemen and safeties in my grouping here. That should give you a pretty good idea of where I think they're leaning.

Anonymous said...

Tomlin and his position versatility love will really like Carrington. I think they make a play for him

Same for Mike Neal, and he's coming from Capers defense...

Dale Lolley said...

I think the Packers will put a priority on Neal. Could be wrong. But they lack guys who can get to the QB other than Matthews.

Carrington could get lost in the shuffle in Buffalo. New coordinator coming in and he missed most of last season.

Anonymous said...

Capers defense is terrible, dont say it like its a good thing to come from it.

Anonymous said...

No one has implied that, it's more about the familiarity the system has with LeBeau's

Regardless, hopefully one of those two ends up with the steelers. We need front seven help and it'd be great if one of those positions didn't have to be a draft pick. ILB has slim pickings in FA, unfortunately

Pistol said...

Neal is hurt CONSTANTLY too!! Give me Carrington all day long. Delmas would be a sweet addition too, guy can play that deep third as well as lay wood on run support.

marc said...

good news for steelers, salary cap expected to be $130m.

Hubert Parker said...

Dale what do you think of the Steelers letting both Worlids and Woodley go and using that money to sign Hakeem Nicks. Drafting another OLB high and signing a vet to hold the posistion for a year. Worlids has been hurt just as much as Woodley and I hate signing players who all of a sudden blossom during a contract year. Which is why I had no problem with them letting Lewis go. Sign Nicks would complete the offense. He is a proven big guy and still young. The defense needs to get younger anyway.

Dale Lolley said...

Don't see that happening. Not the way they do business.