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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Colbert speaks

Steelers general manager met with some media members Wednesday for the first time since the 2013 season ended and had some interesting things to say about both last season and what's to come.

Colbert said he was again disappointed by the team's 8-8 finish, but was perhaps not as disheartened as he was in 2012, when the team faltered after a strong start.

The Steelers started 0-4 last season, but rebounded to go 8-4 in their last 12 games, including 6-2 in the second half.

Colbert also said that while there is concern about linebacker LaMarr Woodley's injury issues, the Steelers might be capable of keeping both Woodley and Jason Worilds on their roster moving forward.

To that end, he did say the team has been in some discussions with their current group of potential unrestricted free agents about extensions. The team has been talking to players about restructures and extensions, though Colbert wouldn't name any specific players.

Colbert called this year's draft the "deepest I've seen in 30 years," mainly thanks to an influx of a record 98 underclassmen.

But, he did warn that some of those underclassmen, while talented, might not be emotionally or physically ready for the demands of the NFL, which could lead to some bust issues for some players.


bruinmann77 said...

I think after hearing Colbert talk which is the opposite that Art said about getting the run defense fixed.
I agree they need to get Ben more Playmakers.I can see the Steelers going WR/TE in the first two rounds.I do agree with Dale that i believe the Steelers will look at a veteran FA FS to plug in this defense.

Anonymous said...

True. Evidenced by their 24yo underclassman from last year who wasn't physically ready.

How does this draft compare to, say, that juggernaut tackle class of 08? Which was the greatest in Colbert's preestimation he'd seen in his 25 or so years, when they came away with Dead Leg Tony. Just curious.

Seemed pretty adamant when he said 8-8 was 'unacceptable', like, a half dozen times last offseason. And that you are what your record is. And that it was his responsibility to improve the talent on the team that went 8-8. Does he feel like he did that, after going 8-8 again? Why is it encouraging this year when it was unacceptable last year? Lowered standards? Resigned to reality/mediocrity? Also said he couldn't expect the same players who produced 8-8 to improve upon that mark. Or rookies. Guess that meant reassembling the 2010 team that went 12-4. What's the plan this year?

Sorry. Feeling especially snarky. Colbert seems like a decent guy. I just can't put any stock/value in what he says anymore.

Anonymous said...

I think our offense could be even better next year...

but the defense is likely to get worse. Unless Colbert really outdoes himself and:

Replaces Clark with a good FA signing.

Resigns Worlids

Extends Heyward

Gets some ILB Veteran Depth.

Drafts a CB who can contribute his rookie year.

I really like Justin Gilbert but I doubt he is there.

kyle said...

Well, in 2008 eight Tackles were drafted in the first round - seven of them before the Steelers' pick. And not that Pro Bowls are a huge indicator but four of the eight made the Pro Bowl at some point. So I think Colbert wasn't too far off about the Tackles in that draft. The fact that they took a flyer on an injured kid in the fourth has no bearing on the overall talent at the position, particularly in the top half of the draft.

I think your mistake is thinking that what the GM says at a press conference about the draft will give you any idea whatsoever about what the team will do in the draft. He is going to speak in generalities. That's his job at this point. And that's his job when summing up the season after it ends, whether they go 8-8 or win the Super Bowl he has to talk about improving.

Dale Lolley said...

Why the hurry to extend Heyward? And what would that have to do with whether or not Colbert has a good offseason?

Anonymous said...

Heyward seems to be the best up and comer on the defense. I thought he was fantastic the 2nd half of the year. His contract can wait since he's not a free agent and there are more pressing needs but we must get him signed long term eventually.

Anonymous said...

I guess we can wait on Heyward.

Just like we waited on Lewis and Worlids....

Lets work on extending Clark and Polumalu instead.

kyle said...

Worilds isn't gone yet and Lewis wanted to leave. But yeah, completely analogous situations.

Do you get tired of being a dick for no reason?

Dale Lolley said...

Heyward is signed for two more seasons. No reason to tear that deal up at this point. Let's see if he can do it for a complete season.

I think he will, but who knows?

They've got more pressing needs at this point than signing a guy who's under contract at a nice, low deal, to a new one.

marc said...

Chances of keeping ziggy hood? Pretty sure I saw him past couple days and he was extremely nice and in a good mood. Does he know something we don't.

Dale Lolley said...

Ziggy's always been a nice guy and is always in a good mood. It's why he's so well-liked in the organization. Very positive attitude guy.

I think there's a better than 50 percent chance he's re-signed.

Dale Lolley said...
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