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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

It's never easy when it's Peazy

Mike Tomlin made another good addition to his coaching staff Tuesday when he hired former Steelers linebacker Joey Porter as a defensive assistant.

Porter, a member of the NFL's all-decade team for the 2000s, was a four-time Pro Bowl player, including three with the Steelers and in 2008 became the first player in league history to have at least 70 sacks and 10 career interceptions.

He finished his career with 98 sacks and 12 interceptions, including 60 and 10 with the Steelers.

Ironically, Tomlin's first big move as head coach of the Steelers in 2007 was to release Porter in a cost-cutting move. It also opened the door for James Harrison to move into the starting lineup.

Among Porter's duties will be working with the team's outside linebackers, including 2013 No. 1 draft pick Jarvis Jones.

Jones has a wealth of talent but is pretty laid back in his attitude. He's a hard worker, but could use some fire. Porter can certainly help him in that respect.

Porter joins secondary coach Carnell Lake and fellow defensive assistant Jerry Olsavsky as former Steelers players on the team's coaching staff.

@ Word has it that Ben Roethlisberger has been working out in California with young wide receivers Markus Wheaton and Derek Moye.

That's a good sign, as both Wheaton and possibly Moye will be counted on to take big steps forward in 2014.


Mark said...

Interesting description of Jones.
Normally when someone is "laid back", that is usually followed by "lazy" instead of "hard worker". Maybe his attitude was laid back because he was a rookie, and didn't want to bark at the veterans? Guess we'll find out after the off-season.

Anonymous said...

I don't see being laid back as being lazy at all.. He just needs to get some nasty in him and Paezy is the right guy to help him with that.. I really like this hire..

I often wonder in Troy P would ever consider taking over for Dick when he decides to retire.. I think Troy would be a great couch that everyone would respect.


Anonymous said...

I agree Zeke, Troy would make a great couch, but he'd be an even better armoire.



Anonymous said...

LOL... Sorry "coach"

Dale Lolley said...

He's just not a firery guy as Porter was. There's a place for that kind of fire in football, in my opinion.

I don't see Troy coaching when he's done.

Anonymous said...

Working out with Ben means what? Gym work?, catching passes? Drinking?

TarheelFlyer said...

My understanding is that Justin Brown was there as well.

emac2 said...

This is just too funny.

I can just imagine what Jones was thinking when he heard the news.