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Thursday, October 30, 2014

ESPN gets to bottom of Podlesh story

When punter Adam Podlesh didn't report for training camp at the end of July, we were told it was because he was staying in Jacksonville to be with his wife for the birth of their second child.

What happened after that is every husband's nightmare.

After a week or so, I was told privately that Podlesh's wife had experienced a "very difficult pregnancy." The punter wouldn't be reporting to the Steelers anytime soon.

Little did we know exactly what that "difficult" pregnancy entailed.

ESPN did a story with the Podlesh family that can be seen here:

Some people, including posters on this board, questioned why Podlesh wasn't reporting. Those people should feel about 1-inch tall after reading this story.


Anonymous said...

Listen I was one of the posters on this blog questioning what was going on and how could he have been gone for so long from the team. First off that's amazing that she's alright after heart failure. Second that kind of stuff isn't common knowledge. I've been on this earth over 20 years and had never heard of something like that. There wasn't anything wrong with asking the questions we were all asking back during the period where there was no information on what was going.

Dale Lolley said...

There was no information because the team was asking for privacy for the guy. I knew she had a life-threatening condition.

Do you really think a guy would walk away from a million dollar contract just for the heck of it?

Anonymous said...

We don't get to hang out around the Steelers hence why there were questions being asked.

Is that a serious question? These are guys who are already millionaires and we see plenty of them choose to walk away from the game while there is still money to be made, for whatever reason.

Anonymous said...

i thought it was pretty obvious there was a serious problem to why he was staying with his wife and kid. the steelers did what they could and then released him to give him a chance to hook on with someone else. I am willing to bet if he has no suitors they will bring him back next training camp to compete for the job.

deljzc said...

I went through severe medical issues with my second child. Believe me, even if he decided to go make the money, his head would not be in it. You kind of just go through the motions. It was okay for my line of work and I could cut back some, but for a professional athlete? Even a punter? No way.

To perform at that level, you have to be 100% committed and have your head right. No way that could happen with this going on.

I'm glad mom and son are safe and getting healthier and I wish Podlesh the best at a return to the NFL next season.

kyle said...

I think the point is that it was none of our business. There are people online who don't take "the team isn't discussing it" as a final answer. They demand to know more even though another person's private life has nothing to do with fans on the internet.

Anonymous said...

Great article, well written and it's good to see the family doing well and I wish them nothing but the best.

I never questioned his absence, as Dame stated that it was a family matter and that was good enough for me..

I think the comment about how some people should feel an inch high is a little harsh, I have to believe that if people really knew what was going on they would have adjusted their opinion.. It's up to them to feel like crap and if they aren't remorseful then the statement of feeling an inch high isn't going to change their outlook about the story.


Dale Lolley said...

At the time of the issue, I tried to be as respectful to his family as possible while also letting people know that it was a serious issue.

If you couldn't read between the lines on that, so be it. Has nothing to do with "hanging out" with the Steelers. Everything to do with having an ounce of humanity.

Henry said...

As always, Dale filled us in on the broad strokes of what was going on at the time. I remember he posted here a couple times referencing the difficult pregnancy. The fact that posters on here still derided Podlesh for not being committed to the team disgusts me. Family always comes first.

Henry said...

Thank you Dale for keeping us abreast while also respecting Podlesh's privacy. That's good journalism; that's why I frequent this blog.

Anonymous said...

Original commenter here. I don't read comments very often so I don't know what was all said previously about Podlesh but I was just curious about his situation as a human being. Once I heard him and his family were going through a difficult pregnancy there was nothing more to question. Still there is nothing wrong with talking about why he was away form the team. His privacy was fully respected by people on this blog because we were all just curious. No one here was heckling Podlesh about it in person.

P.S. I'll take that inch Dale, I can use all the inches I can get.

Anonymous said...

Only comments about Podlish were by concerned readers. below is everything that was said about podlesh's difficult situation from previous posts.

Anon - "What the hell is going on with Adam Podlesh?

Is HE due to give birth or something. I just don't understand how he's not at camp."

Dale - "Podlesh's situation is personal. The team is being patient with him. You should be able to read between the lines there."

Commenter - "is Podlesh's situation that bad? I guess don't answer that, but thoughts are with him.

Is there any kind of roster exemption for situations like this? Awful for him to go through whatever it is hes going through and lose the job and financial support that comes with it."

Anon - ""Podlesh and his wife have been dealing with a difficult pregnancy and he informed the team that he's still not ready to report."

I mean I can come up with something based on a few days but what could possibly be going on that he's had to miss almost 3 weeks of work?"

Anonymous said...

"The fact that posters on here still derided Podlesh for not being committed to the team disgusts me."

way to completely make something up Henry.

"Some people, including posters on this board, questioned why Podlesh wasn't reporting. Those people should feel about 1-inch tall after reading this story."

Questioned out of curiosity Dale, Not the seriousness of the situation.

Dale Lolley said...

I was also including stuff on Twitter guys. There were just a couple of questions on this board that I considered in poor taste.

And, by no means, was I painting everyone with that brush.

But yes, the comment, "Is He giving birth" was definitely one of them.

Anonymous said...

"Is He giving birth" I made that comment back when the only reports were that he was staying out of training camp to be with his wife until they had their baby. There was nothing said about a difficult pregnancy at that time. You replied later breaking the news to us that they were having a difficult pregnancy. Nothing more was said.