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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Wednesday news and notes

It doesn't look good for rookie linebacker Ryan Shazier coming back this week.

Shazier was still in a leg brace today and missed practice. I can't imagine that he will have some kind of miracle recovery to be ready to play in Cleveland.

Next week . . . maybe.

@ Shamarko Thomas said he hopes to be ready to play this weekend. But that might be pushing things as well. But he looks much closer to playing than Shazier.

@ Mike Tomlin has begun giving safety Mike Mitchell Wednesdays off along with some other select veterans.

It's curious considering Mitchell hasn't been here long and, at 27, certainly isn't an aging veteran.

But Mitchell stands back behind the defense - 40 yards or so deep - along with Troy Polamalu, who gets every Wednesday off, and defensive backs coach Carnell Lake.

My best guess is that they are standing back there discussing what Polamalu and Lake see on a given play with Mitchell.

@ Second-year defensive end Nick Williams suffered a knee injury in practice today and had to be taken off on a cart. Williams, a seventh-round pick last season, was on the practice squad this season after missing all of last season with a knee injury.

@ Defensive lineman Phil Taylor had knee surgery today and will be out a few weeks for the Browns.

That's a big blow.

Taylor is Cleveland's best defensive lineman, particularly against the run.

Joe Haden also sat out practice for Cleveland with his hip injury. Even if he plays, he's going to be at less than 100 percent. For a defense that was already struggling, that's not good.


Anonymous said...

Not good for the Browns, you mean.

Dale Lolley said...

That was implied, since I was, in fact, writing about the Browns in that bullet point.

Patrick said...

forget grammar, lets talk about PFF and putting our rookie DE in at fullback

Nick c said...

Lol sometimes you say things that redeem yourself Patrick

Anonymous said...

can you provide (or direct me to) the snap counts at the OLB position. I was just curious as to how the time is being split right now. thanks.

Nick c said...

I couldn't find an easy way to link it, so here's a massive wall of text with the info. If it's too obtrusive feel free to delete it Dale. Percentage of plays they were in for, games played, snaps played, and total team snaps (318 for everyone). I can't vouch for the accuracy but it's the most complete set of stats I could find.

43 Troy Polamalu S PIT 5 318 318 100.0%
46 Jason Worilds LB PIT 5 317 318 99.7%
60 Cortez Allen CB PIT 5 311 318 97.8%
66 Mike Mitchell S PIT 5 310 318 97.5%
68 Lawrence Timmons LB PIT 5 309 318 97.2%
125 Cameron Heyward DE PIT 5 274 318 86.2%
267 William Gay CB PIT 5 195 318 61.3%
275 Brett Keisel DE PIT 5 190 318 59.8%
276 Cam Thomas DT PIT 5 189 318 59.4%
332 Ike Taylor CB PIT 3 164 318 51.6%
333 Sean Spence LB PIT 5 163 318 51.3%
348 Jarvis Jones LB PIT 3 153 318 48.1%
358 Ryan Shazier LB PIT 3 149 318 46.9%
377 Steve McLendon NT PIT 5 141 318 44.3%
432 Arthur Moats LB PIT 5 117 318 36.8%
552 Brice McCain CB PIT 3 55 318 17.3%
567 Stephon Tuitt DE PIT 5 49 318 15.4%
573 James Harrison LB PIT 2 47 318 14.8%
643 Vince Williams LB PIT 5 21 318 6.6%
660 Antwon Blake CB PIT 5 17 318 5.4%
711 Terence Garvin LB PIT 5 6 318 1.9%

Anonymous said...

What the heck is going on, Coach T isn't allowing jersey trading after the game. I don't think he should have anything to say about trading jersey's after the game... Bad decision to ban this, if you ask me.


Dale Lolley said...

And that is something that PFF is good for, snap counts. Worilds is playing every snap. Moats is playing about 55 to 60 percent. Harrison 40 to 45 percent.

As for putting Tuitt at fullback, you do realize he's 6-6, right? He had a great practice on Wednesday. Won't be able to keep him off the field much longer.

Dale Lolley said...

As for jersey trading, it comes down to logistics.

Many of these guys have their jerseys tailored a certain way, either by Nike or by the Steelers once they get them. Can't be giving them away every week since they only have so many.

Patrick said...

That was a joke re other thread

Anonymous said...

Then I think at the begging of the season, each player should have the right to "tailor" X amount of extra jerseys at the players expense. But implement that in the offseason, not 1/4 of the way into the season..

Some of the bans I agree with, this one just hit me the wrong way..

Thanks for the explanation Dale..

Anonymous said...

Bring back Kimo Von Oelhoffen as their in-house trailer / positional coach.

Anonymous said...

sorry, TAILOR

Anonymous said...

The league puts the snap breakout in each gamebook. And their game stat site has every detailed formation each team has used, how often, run/pass, and the results. They have an hd digital camera in each goalpost taking shots before during and after each play, with a crew of film scrubbers id'ing and cataloging player participation for every single snap. This mainly for the purpose of accounting for player performance bonuses. Since this is to figure how to disperse millions of dollars among the players I feel infinitely more confortable with their accuracy on snap id's/count than some limey chalk-toothed soccer hooligan with his nose pressed to his tellie. In other words, the one thing they may or may not be useful for, someone else is already doing it better. And for free.

Dale Lolley said...

Actually, not all teams put the snap counts in their game books. It's not uniform. I wish it was.

Anonymous said...

Gamebooks are put out by the league, specifically the league's game stat and info system NFLGSIS. Not by each individual team. Every gamebook has snap counts in them. As a credentialed reporter you have direct access to that system/site. But still any schmo can find the same pdf gamebook thru the league's main site thru their gamecenter. Just takes several clicks to eventually get there. Perhaps you're thinking of the media sheets/notes each team puts out to the public every Tues/Wed. Those are done by each team, and they're not all the same. They're like a mini-media guide chalk full of storylines, talking points, doctored stats, and various other propaganda. And some teams do put snaps in those, and some don't.

Anonymous said...

how many more seasons does Tomlin have left, my friends? this team isn't close to making any noise in the playoffs. maybe we'll get there this year, but there's a reason we're finally dogs to Cleveland this week - we suck.

Noel said...

Look at the turnover the past few seasons. It had to happen and this is what our rebuilding looks like. Tomlin shouldn't have to worry for a while yet.