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Sunday, October 05, 2014

Steelers-Jags game-day thread

Greetings from Jacksonville.

The weather here is perfect. Temps in the low 80s and plenty of sun.

Ramon Foster is currently on the field and warming up. He told me earlier this week that he expects to play in this game and that appears to be the case.

Down for Steelers are Martavis  Bryant, Daniel McCullers, Chris Hubbard, Wes Johnson, Ike Taylor, Ryan Shazier and Landry Jones.

Cecil Shorts and Marqise Lee are down today for the Jaguars, as is starting corner Dwayne Gratz. Wideout Ace Sanders, who was activated Saturday after being suspended for the first four games, is active today.


BlackNGold said...

Bell and Blount in the backfield, but you call 3 pass plays inside the 10? Brilliant!!

Anonymous said...

1 & goal from the 5. Your RB is averaging 8.8 yards per carry. What do you do. Pass three times and get a FG of course!

Alex K said...

Glad we won but I expected more out of our offense today. I know the Jags defense gets pressure but it would be nice to see our offensive line protect Ben better after all the money and picks we've invested there.

We have such an advantage with a franchise caliber QB we should not struggle to beat teams like that Jags.

adamg said...

Ben is the kind of qb who always wants to keep play alive and therefore holds the ball a long time. He is not going to throw the ball away. That's why he gets sacked as often as not. The OL protected Ben just fine.

Nice to see 2 ints incl a pick 6.

JimmyR said...
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JimmyR said...

Offense manages 10 points vs the Jags.

adamg said...

A win is a win. Or would you rather be 1-4 like last year?

Anonymous Brian said...

Yup. I love the taste of a road win. The offense had a weird, stalled bad game. (Well, it's not that weird, but they're not 1-4! And they won.) I think too much is made of the offense's performance the second half of last year - not much precedent for them to all the sudden start piling on the points, unfortunately - but they'll be much better than today most of the time.

Also thanks to Jax for the LITERALLY uncovered Miller at the end there.