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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Steelers-Browns game day thread

Greetings from Cleveland.

It's sunny, but chilly here at FirstEnergy Stadium. There does not appear to be much wind.

Inactive for the Steelers are Landry Jones, Shamarko Thomas, Daniel McCullers, Ike Taylor, Chris Hubbard, Martavis Bryant and Ryan Shazier.

Ross Ventrone, activated Saturday from the practice squad when Wes Johnson was released - he'll be added to the practice squad or re-signed Monday, is active today.

Both Joe Haden and Paul Kruger are active for the Browns. Terrence West, who rushed for 100 yards on 16 carries against the Steelers in the opener, is a healthy scratch.


Anonymous said...

I don't get the Steeler's game today, but I do get the joy of watching the Ravens dismantle Tampa Bay. 28-0 after just one quarter. I wish the Steeler offense could do the same...

Unknown said...

Ugh.. Its early yet, but they look disjointed. Hopefully they get on the same page soon. A win here would be huge.

And Brad Wing needs to go. He has gotten enough chances, not impressive at all

Unknown said...

I get it.. they want to run the ball... but are they gonna throw it at all today? Haley has no imagination, and Tomlin has no balls to do something about it.

And now they look like they are just quitting.. I still have high hopes for this team, but man they gotta get it together. And Quick!

Anonymous said...

Steelers look so unprepared and disjointed. And that is on the coach. Major gaps in talent. And that is on the GM.

Both got to go!

Anonymous said...

The Emperor has no clothes. Mr. Rooney, I think you made a big mistake.

Crap, blowing them out with a backup center. Fucking embarrassing.

Anonymous said...


Ok I am a bit facetious but do the Steelers actually practice? Cause, it does not look like it. Wow!

Unknown said...

How this team performs after the half will demonstrate a lot about Tomlin's leadership.

They are being out coached and out played right now. Still a lot of game left but its not good.

Can Tomlin fire the guys up in the locker room? Does he have the balls to take Haley out of the equation? And where the hell is our no huddle offense we heard so much about?

Nick c said...

They aren't being outcoached, the players don't have the skills necessary. It's not as if the Browns have been out thinking the Steelers every step of the way. If the receivers weren't stepping out of bounds prematurely and defensive backs weren't out of positing consistently then it would be a closer game. The play calling in the red zone is attrocious and it should be a blow out the other way, but outside of that you can't blame the coaches for every mistake these players are making. Tomlin can't make these corners taller and faster at half.

Anonymous said...

Yah, great job extending Cortez Allen! Schmucks!

Anonymous said...

The important thing is that 84 keeps his streak alive.

Anonymous Brian said...

Exactly right. Just one more catch - five for 50! Five for 50!

Also - hopefully being down by 18 late means the offense piles on a lot of yards so that we can pretend the offense is "top 5."

adamg said...

It really looks like the secondary, specifically the safties are not in sync at all. Maybe it's time for the coaches to stop him from freelancing, at least until Mitchell figures it out.

The defense is simply not maintaining its positions which is why they are being consistently beat with the rollout fake.

I'm not sure why the coaches are so insistent on keeping players who also play STs. The blocking on KRs has been non-existent. Might as well keep the 53 best players and teach them to play STs instead of having a roster full of guys like Ventrone who can't do anything but play ST.

adamg said...

The offense started off well, but you can't drop a ball that hits you between the numbers like Wheaton and you certainly can't goof up a chip shot FG.

The offense has re-established the running game and should be able to score a lot of points. The trouble, imho, is Haley runs a rhythm offense and BR just is not really a rhythm qb. I'm not sure what the answer is since the offense wasn't any better under Arians who let BR do what he wanted.

Anonymous said...

And yet they continue to play Cam Thomas, with his 8 tackles so far FOR the SEASON!!! Douchbags.

Anonymous Brian said...

There it is - five catches!

Anonymous said...

Wow turnover on a big hit by 23! Did you see though how ole Cam Thomas got blown away AGAIN!!

Anonymous said...

Eh, they took a gamble on Thomas. Is he worse than Hood? They just don't like playing young guys on defense and probably won't until Lebeau(retire) and Butler move on.

Unknown said...

I'm not a fair weather fan by any means and im not a sky is falling fan either, but wow I havent felt like this about our beloved Steelers in a long long time..

As I said, we would see what kind of coach Tomlin was after the half.. Ive never been a Tomlin hater by any means, but I've lost all faith in him to gameplan and adjust on the fly

Homegrown Misanthropist said...

Sad Sad Sad, but this is the reality we are one of the 5 worst teams in the league.

adamg said...

Steeler W-L record:

1980: 9-7
1981: 8-8
1982: 6-3 (strike season)
1983: 10-6
1984: 9-7
1985: 7-9
1986: 6-10
1987: 8-7
1988: 5-11
1989: 9-7
1990: 9-7
1991: 7-9
1992: 11-5
1993: 9-7
1994: 12-4
1995: 11-5
1996: 10-6
1997: 11-5
1998: 7-9
1999: 6-10
2000: 9-7
2001: 13-3
2002: 10-5-1
2003: 6-10
2004: 15-1
2005: 11-5
2006: 8-8
Cowher 149-86-1
2007: 10-6
2008: 12-4
2009: 9-7
2010: 12-4
2011: 12-4
2012: 8-8
2013: 8-8
Tomlin 71-41

The common theme? Coaches win when they have good players.

Anonymous said...

The common theme? Coaches win when they help draft good players and lose when they routinely insist on drafting bad ones.

Fixed it for ya.

adamg said...

Does that just apply to Tomlin and Colbert or does it apply to Cowher, Noll and Modrack, too?

Anonymous said...

Yeah Tomlin has say in who they draft. And his gameplans and coaching has an impact on how players develop.

Colbert needs to go for sure. Whether Tomlin needs fired I can't say. One look at our cap after the last two years should have told the Steelers all they needed to know about whether Colbert needed fired. Too bad we've had to bottom out like this before they MAYBE do something.

Anonymous said...

"Does that just apply to Tomlin and Colbert or does it apply to Cowher, Noll and Modrack, too?"

Did I make any exceptions for any specific coaches there?

The fact is that Tomlin is great at winning with players drafted under Cowher and Co. but not so good with those drafted under his own watch.

The Steelers draft the wrong players, sign the wrong free agents, extend the wrong contracts, and have bad coaches.

Tomlin can't motivate his players for a game, can't adjust during a game, and can't get playoff wins without Cowher's players on his roster. And there's a high probability that (like Ditka and many other NFL head coaches before him) he doesn't have an eye for talent either.

adamg said...

Since you know so much why don't you get a job working in the NFL instead of anonymously trolling a website?

Anonymous said...


Are you done crying about me yet? Have you toweled off after all those tears?

Unless your real name is "adamg" and you have your address posted somewhere on here? You're anonymously trolling this website as much as I am.

And if did have a job working in the NFL? I couldn't possibly do as good of job of messing up draft picks, singing mediocre free agents, extending the contracts of unproven players and teaching my team to do whatever it takes to LOSE games ... against supposedly worse teams ... as Tomlin and Colbert are doing now.

You might want to do a better job of defending Tomlin and Co in your next witty retort.