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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Blount to Patriots and other notes

LeGarrette Blount cleared waivers and was signed by the New England Patriots on Thursday, two days after his release by the Steelers.

It brings up an interesting question. Some people within the Steelers organization feel that Blount made a calculated move by leaving the field prior to the end of regulation in the team's 27-24 win over Tennessee Monday night because he wanted out of Pittsburgh.

Blount was unhappy with his role with the team, which had gotten increasingly less in recent weeks - remember, he was introduced as a starter early in the season, even though he was only getting a handful of carries each week.

And the Steelers' plan going into the game against the Titans was to run Le'Veon Bell almost exclusively, which turned into exclusively given the damage he was doing against the Titans.

Could Blount have contacted the Patriots, who were short at running back after a season-ending injury to Steven Ridley, secretly to gauge an interest?

Perhaps. But I don't think so.

It's easy to come to those kind of conclusions when the Patriots are involved. After all, they have been known to push the rules.

But I really believe Blount's reaction was more spontaneous. He celebrated a touchdown with Bell early in the fourth quarter and likely thought he might get some carries down the stretch as the Steelers ran out the clock at the end of the game.

But when Bell got 12 fourth quarter carries, I'm sure that didn't sit well.

@ Ike Taylor said he has an appointment Monday with Dr. Jim Bradley to see if he's cleared to return to contact.

If he is cleared, he should be ready to return to the lineup. Taylor has been practicing for nearly a month.


Anonymous said...

Sure would be interesting if the Steelers have a playoff game vs the Pats

adamg said...

Blount just strikes me as a highly emotional and excitable guy who often lets those things get the better of him. Those are hardly traits of a schemer.

Anonymous said...

Let me start off by saying that I doubt tampering occurred. On the other hand, it probably wouldn’t be that hard to prove tampering or at a minimum, suspicious activity. The Steelers received an anonymous letter from me indicating there was tampering. Having probable cause, they present the letter to Goodell and ask him to obtain the phone records of Blount and his agent. Rather than allow for any delay in obtaining the records, Blount and his agent should be summoned to Goodell’s office and the online phone records obtained while they’re sitting in Goodell’s office. Any Patriot phone numbers for the last couple of months should be questioned as to the nature of the call. As long his agent doesn’t currently represent any Patriots, there shouldn’t be any phone calls from his agent to any member of the Patriots organization. Blount was a Pat last year, so he may claim he was talking to his “friends”, but there should be a pattern of talking to his “friends” since he left, not just all of the sudden. While still present in the office, Goodell contacts any Patriot phone numbers and asks them the nature of the call, the answers should be consistent.

While this may seemed farfetched, it would be interesting to investigate it due to the Pats previous exploits.

Patrick said...

all of you conspiracy theorists know he was subject to waivers right? Not saying the Pats would put in a claim. But anyone could have had him. So that would be an awful plan if he ended up on say, oakland.

Anonymous said...

Patrick, hear ya, being claimed by Oakland would have thrown the plan off. But consider this: Tate had three teams put in waiver claims for him, the Vikes, Colts and Cards. These teams were all in need of a back. Yet no one put in a claim for Blount. Character issues maybe? You betcha, after Rice, Petersen, et al, this season, teams are shying away from players with character issues. The character issues scared everyone away but he signs with NE a day later? Wink, wink, I’d check phone records just to be on the safe side.

adamg said...

LOL! Take off the tinfoil hats. Blount ended up in NE because he played for them last year, had success and they know what they are getting.

Anonymous said...

Adam, your explanation makes complete sense. I come from profession where checks and balances are used to ensure the integrity of the system. Goodell is struggling with this issue as we speak.

Anonymous said...

So when Blount got in a fight during the summer with Buffalo and wet toe to toe with Peezy, this was all in the making of him being released in week 11? LOL

Maybe he was sent here to corrupt Bell?

Maybe Haley is really on the Pat's payroll?

I heard Ben might go to the Cards, BA is really his dad.

Enough is enough, I know it's the bye week and we need something to talk about but this shouldn't be it.


Anonymous said...

I hope the Patriots did talk to Blount. That would be tampering. They haven't won anything without cheating, so it is who they are. If they did I hope they get caught,