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Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday news, notes

The Arizona Cardinals have signed defensive end Josh Mauro off of the Steelers practice squad.

Ironically, it was the Cardinals attempting to sign Brett Keisel at the end of training camp that probably cost Mauro a spot on the 53-man roster in August.

Keisel called the Steelers at that time and said he wanted to play. They decided to bring him back and it was Keisel who made the final roster, likely over Mauro, an undrafted rookie from Stanford who had two sacks in the preseason.

@ Steve McLendon (shoulder), Troy Polamalu (knee) and Ryan Shazier (ankle) did not practice Friday for the Steelers.

Cortez Allen (thumb), Ike Taylor (forearm) and Shamarko Thomas (hamstring) were limited.

Safety Ross Ventrone (hamstring) made it through his second consecutive day of practice and appears to be in line to return this week.

For the Titans, tight end Delanie Walker still has not passed his concussion tests.


Anonymous said...

AJ Burnett just took a $4.25 million to work in Pittsburgh instead of Philadelphia. So that's nice.

Z in Tempe

andrea chiu said...

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Anonymous said...

Any comment yet from Mike Tomlin about Jason Babin's dead ball cheap shot to Big Ben's knees? Or does he only throw our own players under the bus?

Anonymous said...

Dude at 8:14, when you get beat by a bad team, you don't whine about this and that. Its like getting beat up by a child and then complaining the sun was in your eye. Everybody saw it was a douche-move. There is no need to bellyache

Anonymous said...

8:14 I agree with you in principle. Babin's move was a true douche move. So was Upshaw's on Ben a few weeks back. Lest we forget, how about the Browns sizing up Heath's knee a few years ago. That looked intentional to me. Two guys on Heath resulting in a torn ACL. I don't recall Tomlin calling any of those moves "unprofessional". The point is this: Mitchell was going for the ball not someone's knee. There was time on the clock. We say play the game 60 minutes. He did. Maybe you can criticize him for poor judgement making given the time left in the game, but I don't think is was unprofessional. If anything Tomlin should call himself out for having the team in that spot in the first place. Losing to the friggin Jets!


Anonymous said...

One more thing:

Joey Porter's hit on Todd Heap several years ago when the Ratbirds were trying to spike the ball. Ya did not hear Cowher call Joey's hit unprofessional in the press.


Anonymous said...

Tomlin does not strike me as the type of coach who will just throw a player under the bus because he feels like it. He may not be the best coach, but he is certainly smart enough to know that doing that will alienate a lot of players on the team. I'm sure he talked to Mitchell about it and let him know that he's not happy with it. Of course, this means nothing to all of the Tomlin haters who apparently have nothing better to do than obsess over everything he does because it fits their narrative.

Cindy Dy said...

Awesome. Nice blog dudes! Keep it up.