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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tuesday with Tomlin

Mike Tomlin said today that Troy Polamalu, Ryan Shazier and Ike Taylor will be out this week when the Steelers travel to Nashville to take on the Titans.

Taylor is getting  close to a return from a broken forearm but still hasn't been cleared by doctors to return. That should happen after the bye week.

Polamalu and Shazier were both out last week against the Jets, Polamalu with a knee sprain, Shazier with an ankle.

The Steelers really could have used Shazier in that game as a possible spy on Michael Vick and as somebody to run down a couple of the jet sweeps New York ran with Percy Harvin.

Those plays didn't go for huge yardage, but they did move the chains.

Nose tackle Steve McLendon was dealing with some shoulder soreness and there could be a thought by the team to hold him out this week in order to allow the injury nearly three full weeks to heal.

@ Tomlin called Mike Mitchell's jump over the New York line with 1:14 remaining in the game and the Jets attempting to take a knee, "unprofessional."

Tomlin also said he addressed the team regarding the incident.

Personally, I don't have as big a problem with it - as long as everyone else on the defense is in on the play - which they were not.

It was a one-score game and if the Jets fumble there and the Steelers recover, there's still plenty of time remaining to make something happen.

Now, if Mitchell had done it down two scores or with 3 seconds remaining in the game, that's different. But that wasn't the situation. There was still plenty of time left in that game.

It wasn't like Baltimore calling timeout with 2 seconds remaining the previous week down three scores. That forced both teams to compete for one more play on which an injury could have occurred.

@ Tomlin wouldn't bite on a question about John Harbaugh's locker room quotes about the Steelers, saying it didn't matter because Pittsburgh and Baltimore don't play again this season.

He did note that the Steelers will have a chance to do get to play the Ravens twice next year.


Mike Frazer said...

I agree fully about Mitchell's attempt at the end of the game. Football games are 60 minutes long, not 58:47. If you still have a chance to win with a single turnover, then I say go for it -- and I can't figure out why it doesn't happen more. Just because the other team says, "we think this game is over, so the rest of our snaps are just formalities," it doesn't mean the trailing team has to agree.

The NFL season is only 16 games long, and the fact that tie breakers come in to play almost every season to determine who goes on to the post-season is as good a reason as anyone needs to try winning until the game is no longer winnable -- down by multiple scores with a handful of seconds to go, the clock has expired, etc. Coaches and players are paid to win, and if the game is still winnable, I expect them to continue to try. Honestly, if a coach folds in that situation, I believe their continued employment should be questioned.

marc said...

that kind of play is a tough call. each sport has its own unwritten rules. additionally, a player is protected when they take a knee and give themselves up, not just the QB, but any player.

I don't have a problem with guys taking a swipe at the snap or jolting the center trying to cause a fumble, but I think Mitchell was "over the top"...haha.

dale, thoughts on who gets the start at NT if mclendon can't go?

Michael Frazer said...

McCullers. Dear Father in Heaven, let it be McCullers. Stalemating your guy (at worst, from what he's shown so far) is still infinitely better than being pushed backward into the safety's lap.

John Kang said...

I don't see what the big deal with Harbaugh's comments are. We got our asses kicked.

adamg said...

How many remember the "Miracle at the Meadowlands" where Joe Pisarcik was under center in the victory formation, but the ball ended up in Herm Edwards' hands and Philadelphia came away with the win?

Think if Mitchell had come up with the ball and ran in for a TD Tomlin would have turned it down?
I don't.

kyle said...

The Miracle at the Meadowlands was not the victory formation. The kneel down didn't kill the play back then. The QBs would fall on the ball and the other team got to take a shot at them. That's why the Giants called a run. Pisarcik fumbled the handoff.

I think "unprofessional" is a good way to describe it. I don't think it was dirty or dangerous or stupid like some people have taken to calling it but unprofessional seems about right. The Ravens calling timeout and then spiking the ball while down three scores was unprofessional as well. I imagine Harbaugh didn't care for the 4th down touchdown pass. Luckily I don't care what he thinks.

More importantly, what we really learned is that I should not work Sundays anymore. The two Sundays I have worked causing me to miss Steelers games were this game and the second Cleveland game.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, if, a big if, Mitchell had caused a fumble on Vick or even on the center, does anyone honestly does not see a flag coming his way? Like someone said, the qb is protected on that play. And with the league we have today, Mitchell gets a flag no doubt.

I have no problem with the play, just think it's unnecessary due to the unlikeliness of it causing anything, and the above. What I do dislike is Rex Ryan complaining about that when his own defensive player took a real cheap shot to our QB. That and Tomlin throwing Mitchell under the bus. And I love Tomlin!

Dale Lolley said...

Cam Thomas would get the start, backed up by McCullers

LexingtonLegend said...