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Monday, March 10, 2008

Cross Hadnot off the list

The Cleveland Browns saved the Steelers from themselves, signing guard/center Rex Hadnot.

The Steelers had Hadnot in for a visit last week, soon after the loss of Alan Faneca in free agency.

But as I had previously stated, I wasn't a big fan of signing him since Miami had let him walk with no apparent replacement in sight.

Those notions were verified over the weekend by people I talked to, who told me Hadnot is a journeyman-type and would have been a negligible upgrade over center Sean Mahan.

Now, the Steelers can look elsewhere for help.

One player who would intrigue me is former Jacksonville guard Chris Naeole.

Naeole ended the 2007 season in injured reserve after suffering a torn tendon in his quad and was released March 3.

The 33-year-old is a nasty run blocker who had proven to be very durable in his 12-year career before this recent injury. If he checks out OK physically, he could be just the kind of player who would help the Steelers up front immediately.


Wieters said...

Any idea if Naeole is on the Steelers' radar?

Dale Lolley said...

I know he's somebody they've had respect for in the past. They're pretty much on lockdown mode now, this close to the draft. They don't want any info sneaking out.

kelly said...

Thanks for the info Dale and thanks for getting rid of Custard/Keona, or whatever his name was.

Brian said...

Dale, any word on what the contract was that Hadnot signed with the Clowns? I know it was a 2 year deal & he was looking for $5 mill. / yr. but haven't heard any numbers yet.

Dale Lolley said...

According to the NFLPA, his base salaries are 650 and 750. They don't list the signing bonus.
I would assume it's like two years, $1.5 million, which would mean his bonus was $100.