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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Steelers bring in Crocker

Free agent free safety Chris Crocker visited the Steelers Thursday, but left without a contract.

Crocker, a former Browns' draft pick, played in 2007 for Atlanta, recording a career-high three interceptions.

Crocker is the second free safety brought in by the Steelers for a visit this week, joining New England's Eugene Wilson.

That would seem to signal that the team was not only unhappy with Anthony Smith and Tyrone Carter at the position after Ryan Clark was lost for the season, but that it doesn't have a lot of faith that Clark will recover from his surgery to remove his spleen.

Smith, though, could be slated for a move to strong safety.


Bonaventure said...

Thanks for the info as always, Dale.

Anonymous said...

If Smith moves to SS where does Troy play?

Bonaventure said...


I believe the thought is that Anthony Smith would become Troy's backup (and possibly the 3rd safety in certain packages) while Clark would be the starting FS. Then either Crocker/another free agent/a draft pick would become the backup FS.

Dale would be able to comment more on how likely this is to happen and what the Steelers plans are, but I believe that is the rationale behind the thought process.

Dan G. Switzer, II said...

I've been saying for a while that SS is probably Smith's better position--considering his aggressive nature. Quite frankly, I wouldn't mind seeing Polamalu play FS and Smith SS in some packages.

Dale Lolley said...

In the Steelers' defense, the strong and free have a lot of the same responsibilities, except when it comes to blitzing. They almost never blitz the free safety - and usually, when they are sending a lot of blitzers, the free safety is playing the deep middle.
Smith would be Polamalu's backup. Polamalu isn't switching to free. He's too good in the box to just play deep center field and never blitz.
If the Steelers were to sign Crocker or Wilson, it would likely be with the idea that they would be given a chance to start. They'd be insurance for Clark.

custard said...
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stillexile said...

Custard- Landon Johnson signed with the Panthers....3yrs, 10mil I believe.

Anonymous said...
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Dale Lolley said...

Custard/Keona or whatever you are calling yourself today, I can't/won't sift through a 2,000-word diatribe. Just don't have the time/desire to do so.
If you've got specific questions to ask, ask away. But if you want to post your own theories in dissertation form, you may want your own blog.
As for your intial thoughts, as was pointed out, Johnson was signed by the Panthers.
And the Steelers aren't going 4-3 - as I've repeatedly said - anyway, so why would they want a WLB?

custard said...
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custard said...

Now Dale if you provided something like this I would say that you are 'ok'. But you don't.

I know who the Steelers will select in the first round of the draft. + Other rounds too!
view edit
Submitted by: flogger on March 9, 2008 at 2:30am
1. They will select Brandon Albert if he is there. 100%.

2. If Albert is not there they will select a WR: Hardy, Sweed or Kelly. 100%

3. If options 1 and 2 are gone they will select Antoine Cason. 100%

4. In the chances that 1,2,3 are gone The Steelers will draft Quentin Groves OLB / DE a player who provides the Steelers with a Hybrid D. WDE / ROLB. Harrison Buck in 09?

5. In the unlikelihood that 1,2,3,4 are all gone they will select Kentwan Balmer.

6. If 1,2,3,4 and 5 are not there they will trade down to the early second and select Mike Pollack - C. Trade down to get an extra 2,3,5th picks.

So in order of preference The Steelers will draft:

1. Brandon Albert LG / LT
2. Hardy or Kelly Big WR 6-4+
3. Antoine Cason Ballhawking CB /FS.
4. Quentin Groves OLB / DE
5. Kentwan Balmer RDE / DT
6. Mike Pollack - C.

Either coming to visit the Steelers, interviewed at the combine, or Steelers went to their Pro Days:

OLB - Cliff Avril (Purdue) & Quentin Groves (Auburn)

WR - Limas Sweed (Texas), James Hardy (Indiana), Keenan Burton (Kentucky)

OL - Mike Pollack (Arizona State), Jeremy Zuttah (Rutgers), James Blair(W. Mich), Branden Albert (VA)

S - Jamie Silva (Boston College)

DL - Carlton Powell (Va Tech)

Now a Final Mock Draft from Me! Yes already.

1. Brandon Albert LG / LT
2. Cliff Avril OLB / DE
3. Keenan Burton WR
4. Carlton Powell DT / RDE
5. Jeremy Zuttah T/G/C
6. Jamie Silva . *** You heard it here first. FS / This guy is the best Special Teams player I have ever seen.

Feel free to give your opinions and hopefully some insight as well.

Keep safe to all!

Anonymous said...

Custard/Keona, on what site did you find that post by "flogger"?

custard said...

One and the same.


You write like your jealous.


Are you Dale by any chance?

You offer nothing either.


stillexile said...

Custard- If you don't like it, leave. This is the internet... no one's forcing you to stay here.

"What is this blog site? You post info that is out there for everyone... you certainly don't give your viewers here any inside scoops."

Wait till OTA's and Training Camp start, then you'll find some very nice information here.