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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wilson arrested

According to reports, wide receiver Cedrick Wilson has been arrested for a fight at a restuarant in Pittsburgh.

If this is the case, it could spell the end of Wilson's days with the Steelers.

Wilson, you'll remember, was involved with an altercation with his then-girlfriend at his home. She apparently had an armed standoff with police at the home - though Wilson was not there.

In the latest altercation, Wilson reportedly assaulted the now ex-girlfriend.

Though technically, he wasn't at fault - though if you read some of the things she claimed he said to her, he was – in the first altercation, there certainly will be plenty of witnesses around for this latest run-in.

It won't be a matter of he-said, she-said. It will be a matter of what the crowd witnessed.


kelly said...

Wow, this is turning out to be an embarrassing off season for the Steelers. First Harrison and now Wilson. I was in favor of Wilson being cut before this, now I don't see anyway he stays. Dale, have you heard any details about Harrison's incident? Are the Steelers thinking about a suspension?

adamg said...

It's been reported the Steelers released Wilson today. That was a dumb thing for Wilson to do, for sure. The Steelers will use that as the public reason he was let go, but I think the tender to Nate Washington and that the coaches really like him is the biggest reason he was let go.

kelly said...

Doesn't look like Harrison will be disciplined. Mr. (Dan) Rooney said the circumstances between the Wilson incident and the Harrison incident were very different. James was apparently trying to take his son to be baptised and his girlfriend wasn't on board... Not sure how things got out of control from there.

Dale Lolley said...

This is a problem as much with our society as much as anything. In both cases, the players weren't married to the mother of their children.
That tends to cause friction. But our society now says it's OK to have kids out of wedlock.
But these are the kinds of incidents this kind of stuff breeds.
I'm not a big social conservative, but I do believe this is a problem.

adamg said...

I don't condone domestic violence, either, but the Rooney's making a distinction between violence that occurs based on a religious rite in Harrison's case and not in Wilson's is a reach IMHO.

kelly said...

Adam, I'm not sure religion was the main factor in the Rooney's decision. IMO they saw James as being there trying to do a positive thing for his son (still don't know what went down from there), where as Wilson went to a restaurant seemingly with a violent intention. He walked up to his ex, pushed her and then punched her in the face.

adamg said...

Well, if Harrison wants a specific upbringing for his son, rather than going over and getting angry when the mother refused to let him take his son, then he needs to do what Larry Foote did. Foote went to court and got custody of his son; Harrison should do the same. I realize courts usually favor the mother for custody, but fathers can and do win in these cases.

Further, wasn't the first incident with Wilson over his child with this girl friend? I suppose a case could be made Wilson was trying to do something right by his child, too.

I just think the Rooney's stepped in it with this convoluted and frankly not very credible explanation.